Thursday, January 05, 2006

From The Other World

It's a Thursday "New Comics Day", and I can't muster much enthusiasm. I hit my blogroll: Dorian's objectifying men, Ragnell's objectifying men, Jog writes with a verve that almost convinces me I should try Chris Ware again. It's all about par for the course. James is objectifying women, but that's the beauty of the blogosphere: in this small subset of a small community, I almost feel like I'm normal. I'm working on my list for the Comic Bloggers' Poll 2005 when it hits me: where are all the men?

This is the 21st century, right? Can't we move along? Some days, I don't even want to head out and pick up comics. Rack upon rack of nothing but spandex-clad packages and firm buttocks. Posters of scantily-clad heroes, and the new Superman in that ridiculous little "kilt" they've put him in for this latest reboot. It's obvious he's wearing it in the traditional Scottish fashion, and I'm sick of seeing it, even if it's always covered in shadow. I suppose it's better than his old tights costume ... I don't even know how he walked equipped like that.

Yes, I hear you. "Read more Indies." "Push comix forward." ... Is there any great difference there? Instead of reading female superheroes, I should read female navel-gazers? Endless stories of the female experience? Relationships seen only from the woman's point of view? Same gender, different paradigms ...

I have been thinking about trying to break into comics, but what's the point? Harassment is ingrained in the industry, and any man who speaks out is lambasted. Fran Miller's All-Star Batwoman really seemed to sum it up, as the scriptbook shows Miller lavishing attention on Vick Vale's package, hinting at it's uncircumsized outlines, because he knows it's what the fangirls want. It's nothing new, but it seemed to hand me my hat and ask me my hurry. The artists are mainly women, the writers are mainly women, the executives and publishers are mainly women ... screw it. It's been made abundantly obvious I'm not welcome here, so why bother?

And don't even get me started on where all the white people are.

I'm sick of fighting the dominant culture, and more sick of the hostility it shows when I try to throw my money and time and love at it. I hear manga's more receptive ....



James Meeley said...


Just wanted to thank you for your comments at my place and let you know that you not only helped inspired a new entry on the topic, but a letter I'll be sending to DC Comics.

You is "da man." But not a sexist one. ;)

Jason said...

Look, Mark, when it comes down to it we have an industry where the majority of fans are overweight and undersexed females - that's where the money is, indy or not.

Overweight and undersexed females don't want big-busted woman on their covers - they want something they can fantasize HAVING instead of something they can never BE. That's why all of the covers and all of the subject matter has well-endowed guys as the focal point.

What can you do? I like to think that there's no difference between the male and female comic-fan but, honestly, I'd like some more mamms on my covers and I'm just not getting enough of those tantalizing and tenacious ta-tas.

Who's making comics for me?

Jason said...

Oh, yeah, and as far as where all the white people are - feel free to check out "Imperialistic Distributor of Small Pox Panther." Great read.

Mark Fossen said...

Imperialistic Distributor of Small Pox Panther

20 minutes.

Seriously - 20 fucking minutes it took me to get that joke.

Jason said...

That's because it wasn't that good - my bad.

And it didn't make sense, if I was going Bizarro I should have went with something like "Slaughtered by Indians Panther" or something but either way, bad joke.

Hate Filled Poster said...

That's funny because I got it right off the bat and laughed my ass off. I'm a fan of bad jokes though. I've been known to make a few myself.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm just glad that when my wife brings home the bacon she brings home some comics with it as well. Some I can actually bare to read.

GREAT post, Mark.