Monday, February 12, 2007

Focused Linkblogging

  • Hey! Look! It's a bus! Let's throw Adam Kubert under it! I'm all for informing the readers, but pointing fingers to appease forum denizens seems .... unseemly.

  • Elk's Run will be finished soon, so where can one go to find creepy tales of gnawing suburban dread? One could go to Three Rivers, the new story from Joshua Hale Fialkov and Noel Tuazon. The prospect of more from the Elk's Run team warms the cockles of my cold, cold heart and may be the tipping point that pushes me into reading webcomics. Josh says it's a secret ... so don't tell him I told you, OK?

  • I really feel a Focused Linkblogging post needs at least three items, but I can't find a third.


Anonymous said...

You're wrong about Johns. You have no idea why he did it and are simply making up a bad faith motivation (to then turn around and criticise him for acting out of this madeup bad motivation).
I don't know why he did it either, but it strikes me as far more plausible that he simply did not want to be criticised (and see Donner criticised) for the faults of another team member. Which - if it is his motivation - is perfectly reasonable, why should he? Sure it's a noble gesture if he's willing to take some criticism for the sake of the team, and one might even argue that any collaboration entails a certain commitment to share blame (and praise) but surely everyone gets to say enough is enough.

Imagine you having to postphone the opening of a play because the set decorators couldn't do their job on time (and really, they've known about it for a while and were given ample headstart), with or without the press making fun about the lack of direction coming from the director and artists apparently too stupid to memorize lines geneartions of actors had no problem with etc.
Sure it's nice if you just shrug it off, but if you decided to make clear who is really to blame, I dearly hope there wouldn't be some git with a blog suggesting you're only out to appease a couple of messageboarders.

(And before this gets twisted, let me just add that I don't particularly like the work of any of the 3 creators involved.)

Mark Fossen said...

Well, I'm not wrong. He threw Kubert under the bus, to make sure the blame stayed off him and Donner. There's not a debate there.

Your explanation is simply putting a pretty bow and a nice paint job on the under-bus-throwing.

You think that's fine, I think that's crap.

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