Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Indian Giver

I just got back from a business trip to Philadelphia, where I lived for a few years before the move to Utah. When I left, I gave what was left of my collection to a friend. Most of the best runs had been auctioned off to eBay, but there were still four longboxes left of assorted and sundry things. Though I had given the books, I pulled a grade-school "Indian Giver", and liberated a small box of stuff that I'd like to have again. I must say, though that the majority of books gave me a "why did I buy that" reaction. When I was collecting in the late 90's, I had more disposable income and bought a lot.

Here is some of the plunder:

Xero: Christopher Priest's underappreciated techno-thriller about an undercover operative in the DCU. Explodo, race, basketball: it was an odd mix, but it sure worked. Great art by ChrisCross.

Young Heroes In Love: This was a wonderful series that turned the X-Men/New Teen Titans formula on it's head. Instead of superhero with a dash of soap opera, this was soap with a whiff of superheroes in the mix. A great series, and one of my wife's favorites.

Coober Skeber: The legendary "Marvel Benefit Issue", with many indy cartoonists taking their crack at Marvel's superheroes.

Adolf: I have this on my list of manga I really want to read, and was delighted to find the first two volumes in my stuff. I think I didn't "get it" he first time around, but I should see it with new eyes now.

Holey Crullers: This was the original set of mini comics that lead to Common Grounds.


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Jhunt said...

Xer0 was an excellent series. It suffered from some sub-par fill-in art if I remember, and the end was kind of crammed together in the final issue, although I guess we should just be glad that Priest was allowed to give the series a conclusion at all.

How does he not have anything on the go right now, anyways? His Black Panther series was stellar, and is probably one of the main reason the (piss-poor) Hudlin series is garnering so much fan animosity.