Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Little Saturday Linkblogging

  • I don't care for Ian Churchill's art. I don't much like this new Supergirl as a character or a series. Also, don't care for alternate covers. I'm just not much of a cover person. - if they keep the insides clean, that's about all I ask.

    That said, I read this and my initial thought? "Must. Buy. This."

  • Glyphs points me to an interesting project I need to keep an eye out for next year. An action comic featuring Public Enemy could really go either way, but if Chuck D's "involvement" has anything to do with the writing, it could be great. A good rapper knows the same craft a comics writer uses: an economy of expression that packs information and emotion into a minimum of words.

  • Jog rocks Desolation Jones. Rocks it hard. It's brilliant analysis, and really well-written, to boot. How he can churn out gems like these every freakin' day is beyond me ...

  • Tim O'Neil feels the Comics Blogosphere is coming to an end. Having not been around for the Golden Age of the WeboComicsBlogonet, I can't say. But I certainly hope not ... I just got here, and it's last call?

  • Australian manga creator QueenieChan delivers some interesting points about manga art and it's superhero counterpart. She looks at it entirely differently than I did, focusing on the commercial accessibility of it. It encourages fan interaction, as the bar isn't set that high. I really think it's popular because it's just so much more expressive: when I read good manga, I go through an emotional roller-coaster that I don't get from American Naturalism.

  • I have been remiss in mentioning the betterment of the blogosphere that is wrought by April Showers. It's not about comics, but about something much better: my wife. Now blogging's a family affair.



Jon Silpayamanant said...

She looks at it entirely differently than I did, focusing on the commercial accessibility of it.

I actually think both your views complement one another. Queenie first posted something about the idea in that monstrous thread and my response there and at Queenie's live journal was more or less motivated by Neil Cohn's comixpedia article.

Actually, I guess most of my responses at the thread had to do with exploring alot of Neil's ideas.

I don't know what Tim's on about. But he posts about the end of something or other era every few months. I'm sure you'll get used to it.

I'm starting to see an interesecting of a plurality of Comics Blogospheres, myself. I've noticed more UK bloggers are now a listed on the comics weblog update; I've been reading a number of French bande dessinée blogs; Australian comics blogs; and most recently a number of Filipino blogs (after having discovered the incredibly rich superhero comics scene centered around Mars Ravelo's characters and the Darna phenomenon) lately--and each and every one of those comics blogospheres is as healthy as the American one (maybe even more healthy, if we want to agree with Tim).

I think part of it is that the so-called manga invasion has created another rather healthy group of bloggers that just aren't nearly as concerned with the whole indie/industry debate or the comics related to that.

I think in the end the American comics blogosphere is just looking smaller and smaller because of the awareness of a huge international supergroup of comics bloggers and comics.

Jon Silpayamanant said...

Oh yeah--a nice warm welcome to your wife, April, to this contentious activity we call blogging!

Mark Fossen said...

I should admit, here and now, that though I keep dancing around the fringes of the debate (which I found fascinating) ... I have really avoided the Comicon thread. I think I read one or two posts ... then I recalled all the fruitless PDO threads back on USENET in the late nineties, and decided that I didn't need to go there again.

Anonymous said...

So Superman/Supergirl can breathe underwater?
I don't know anything. I know in real life Christian Bale can kick the tar out of Brandon Routh!
- Bruce

Anonymous said...

...and Hugh Jackman can lick 'em both at the same time!

Jon Silpayamanant said...

I don't really blame you. I spent most of the time just reading the thread and not commenting except a couple of times to post links to relevent articles/studies dealing with the physiological differences of reading/viewing images between Japanese subjects and (mainly) American subjects.

Once the debate died down that's when some more interesting (to me that is) discussions started to happen that didn't just focus on PDO and his comments.

That's always seemed to work with me--wait for the dust to settle and you'll find the stragglers of an interesting discussion that can be nursed back to health.

Shawn Fumo said...

Yeah.. I decided to brave the thread since I hadn't been in a good debate in a while, but yeah I agree that most of the interesting stuff happened on the outskirts. PDO really was pretty much immovable in his stance, so we weren't going to get very far on that end.

And the comment on the blogs is interesting in that I think it applies also to the industry itself. I think a lot of people still look at things like the "new mainstream" and even manga as a kind of intellectual exercise that isn't quite real. If the architectures outside of the big two keep growing, there'll be a time where they just don't seem so big and important..