Thursday, April 06, 2006

Earth-462, We Hardly Knew Ye

That's the glory of the Multiverse. This simple panel. Some version of the JLA/JSA, all in G.I. uniforms from World War II. I pick it over, trying to see what characters I can identify. I theorize about the fact the women are in traditional superheroic garb, while the men are in uniform. There's a Wonder Woman, a Green Arrow, a Robin, a Star-Spangled Girl (?), a Flash (who appears to be punching out an American G.I.).

For all it's faults, Infinite Crisis finally delivered. This is the feeling I was wanting, the moment of experience that I hoped the series would bring. This small panel is the legacy of Crisis on Infinite Earths. That simple moment where you freeze over a panel, with the immediate though of "what is that? I want to see more of that!"

EDIT: Spandex Justice has the scoop on the women.



Jeff R. said...

Have to say I interpreted that as a version of the Teen Titans, not the J(LS)A, interpreting the guy with the arrows as Roy and the speedster as Wally. And that might be a Starfire tackling the Nazi in the Iron Mask in the background...So maybe this was an earth where the team with 'Justice' and 'America' in its name fought in WWI...

Vincent J. Murphy said...

That's the Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman, if I'm not mistaken. :)

Vincent J. Murphy said...

Oh, and I just realize, the person who looks like Wonder Woman is actually the Debra Winger Wonder Girl! That panel is so cool.

Mark Fossen said...

Jeff - you are totally right.

I think. :)

Teen Titans of some sort makes sense. I was trying to figure out the character who is propelled by Kirby Dots, and yeppers ... Starfire fits.

Kevin Melrose said...

It looks as if Debra Winger-Wonder Girl is holding aloft some version of Per Degaton (if the big "D" and jodhpurs are any indication).

The Nazi in the iron mask appears to be All-Star Squadron villain Baron Blitzkrieg.

The guy at the end of Cathy Lee Crosby's spear may be Ubermensch from Axis Amerika.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Ugh, I'm so conflicted over this mini. For every cool fanboy moment Johns throws in, there's like five "hmm, that must be a reference to something in one of infinite tie-ins I haven't read." The Donna Troy stuff is especially annoying, and the end of this issue was as anti-climactic for me as the end of the first issue.

I don't remember being this bored with the original Crisis. Maybe I'm just too old for this stuff?

Mark Fossen said...

Guy - I don't know I'm bored, but I still don't know the series is really working for me as a whole.

That panel sure did, though. :)

Jason said...

I'm amazed by the amount of blogs that went ape-shit with that first issue only to slowly die down to a point where I just don't see a lot of mentions with the new issues.

Nothing changed, it's still the same:

"Oh look! An attack! Watch out!"

"He's Dead!"

"You're an asshole!"

"Look out! An attach! Watch out!"

etc, etc, etc...guess giving handjobs to the 20-year fans only has an effect for three issues or so.

RAB said...

Jason...if anyone at DC gave me a hand job, I would remember them for way longer than three issues.

Jason said...

I don't know - I don't think they'll be that good for some reason. Like, it's funny to think about and all, but seriously - if I got a handjob from 95% of the people at DC I think I'd try to forget about it.

Unless it's Earth-231 DC - I heard everyone there gives great handjobs.