Thursday, May 18, 2006

52 on 52 #2

In the space of about two weeks, Cassie has developed an entire liturgy?

Flight 2824/2428: Bad storytelling, or am I just too dumb to get it?

There is an alternate universe where this panel is more uncomfortable and awkward ...

I can't be the only one hearing Jeffrey Combs' voice, can I?

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Scott said...

For the difference in flight numbers, it's the universe balancing itself out. For the plane that Booster saved in Metropolis, the newspaper headline showed that another plane went down in Australia.

sean witzke said...

Definitely not the only one hearing Jeffrey Comb's voice. Damn, wasn't he perfect?

Mark Fossen said...

scott -

That's an interesting idea ... the other one, which commenters here mention, is that it was the wrong plane he saved. All I can figure is that Booster saves a plane that needs saving, and doesn't save another ... and they have coincidentally almost the same flight numbers. I just don't think that the idea was communicated well enough.

sean -

I don't hear any other voices - comics are completely silent to me. But Combs just nailed the Question's .... wierdness

Scott said...

I wonder if in the timeline that Booster and Skeets are from, did Superman save that plane and Booster was supposed to have saved the Australian plane?

Booster's history doesn't say anything about Clark, Bruce and Diana walking away and maybe they didn't. I think Superman was supposed to stop the Metropolis plane in Booster's timeline.