Thursday, May 04, 2006

Focused Linkblogging

  • Thanks to Night Flight/Diamond/Markosia, my backorder of Midnight Kiss #3 finally showed. Since a set of 1-3 is winging its way to me as we speak, this means the ante has been upped in the "Happy Birthday To You! Giveaway", and the third issue of this wickedly weird Oz-Meets-Matrix miniseries is now part of the giveaway. At this point, there are three prize packages and two entries. If you take the time to do the math on that one, you'll see your chances are mighty good.

  • Damn you, Tom Foss! You used the juju of your uncannily-similar last name to reach inside my brain, and pluck a half-formed blogpost direct from my cerebellum! Curses!

  • Like Lil' Bones, my Xbox 360 is now blogging. Whether blogging indicates sentience is a debate best left for the comment section, I believe.

  • Heidi's commentary on the Mid-Ohio Con incident is excellent. I've stayed out of commenting on the issue, and that's not about to change. Frankly, the picture is too murky to start calling for anyone's head. And it's not getting any clearer, is it?


Bones said...

Damn dude, your 360 is even more sensitive than mine!

Mark Fossen said...

Yeah - it's pretty whiny. But I haven't played since finishing the MLB 2K6 review, so it's feeling neglected.

zilla said...

yeah man you're not giving him much love lately that's for sure... how does this xbox360 blogging work?

Mark Fossen said...

I actually have been playing the E3 demos and listening to music and using the Media Center ... it's just not recognizing it.

You can set one up at