Monday, May 15, 2006

Focused Linkblogging

  • Jim Roeg sees things I don't see, and that's why I enjoy reading him. Infinite Crisis as a commentary on U.S. Foreign Policy? As a repudiation of the original Superman's legacy? My brain just doesn't seem wired that way, but I'm glad Jim's is. "Infinite Crisis: A Review of Criticism" is as thoughtful and balanced a piece of blogging as has come out of this crossover.
  • As with Jim, I enjoy reading Ragnell because I enjoy reading perspectives that aren't mine. This weekend, she posted a great piece on her feminist perspective, and her struggle with the label. Well worth reading ...
  • Sex Bob-Omb sounds like Uncle Tupelo? Goddamn, I get a thrill out of disparate artistic loves coming together like that.
  • It happens again: I jump onto a series, it gets cancelled out from under me. Were the OYL Manhunter numbers so low? Seems like with a new jumping-on point, it could have been given some more rope.
  • Lastly, let me become Ouroboros and linkblog myself. I couldn't afford exposition/explanation of my new feature "52 on 52". As 52 itself seems an excessively formalist exercise, I thought I could respond in kind. So: each week, I will write exactly 52 words on that week's 52. Pictures don't count, and the word count is according to the Word Count Firefox Extension.



Bones said...

I hear ya on the cancellations. Same thing happened to me on Bloodhound which was excellent and Hourman back in the late 90's. I loved both of those books. Manhunter will be missed.

joncormier said...

I was about to jump on to the Manhunter book. I guess I put it off one too many times.

I'm looking forward to the 52 on 52 features - good luck with THAT.

Mark Fossen said...

I seem to have the same kiss of death with TV ... so at least I'm consistent.

Arrested Development is the only sitcom I've watched in maybe a decade .... and we know how that one went.