Thursday, June 30, 2005

Happy Planetary Day!

When I last read comics regularly a bit over five years ago, Planetary was one of my favorite series. I believe when I quit, it was somewhere around issue 8.

Imagine my surprise when I returned to comics 5 years later, only to find that issue 23 was just coming out! I'm trying to catch up through trades, the stunning Absolute Planetary, and a desperate hunt for the recent single issues (issue 19 seems impossible to find).

Anyways, considering the pace Planetary is going, it seems appropriate that each new release becomes "Planetary Day", with celebrations and festivities spanning the globe. My contribution is my favorite chunk of Ellis, from Chapter 5, describing the adventures of Pulp hero Doc Brass:

The Caged Horrors of Neilia-Sai spat acid and shrieked like stuck babies, but Doc Brass stood fast, dealing hot righteous death with his marvelous turbopistols.

The sickening UnderEngland Junta unleashed its Black Royalty, torching the very sky and driving good men mad, and Doc Brass held his ground, taking the pain and the flame and killing hard.

The Emperors Of America advanced upon him and poisoned the ground and invented new ways to torture and despoil and murder with every step they took, but Doc Brass stayed right there and put his guns upon the monsters and saw to it that they went no further --

-- because somebody had to.

Happy "Planetary Day", all. It's a Strange World. Let's keep it that way.


zilla said...

mf - i've hunted around a bit trying to find out a bit about this title (and found a few things/desc on amazon, etc.) in a quick once through, but thought you might be able to describe it best - what's it all about?

Mark Fossen said...

It's great. if you wanted an "It's Like" .... it's like X-Files. Three adventurers explore the secret history of the world (ghost cops, pulp heroes, giant ants) which slowly uncovering a larger plot.

The art's fantastic, and Warren Ellis is definitely in my top 3 favorite writers.

zilla said...

i'll be picking up vol. 1 asap. maybe i can add it to my cart @ amazon w/ a "combine orders" maneuver ;)