Thursday, June 30, 2005

Millarworld Offline

Well the big Millarworld relaunch is rapidly approaching, and to whet the appetite, we've been given this at

Board Offline

We will reopen at 12am GMT on July 1st, for the Millarworld Relaunch.

Please check back then.


Though I haven't been there long (it took forever to register - I guess they don't like gmail addresses) ... it's already become part of my daily routine. There's intelligent discussion, lots of news, and a generally chummy atmosphere. In a sea of dreck, Millarworld's one of the few boats afloat. I recently "retired" from running a pretty large message board myself, so I know how hard it is to manage. The Millarworld cats do a fantastic job.

If you need your Mark Millar fix for the day, check out his interview on Radio Scotland's "The Book I've Yet To Write". It's a fun interview that touches on his history, his superhero work, and a mad idea for changing the world. Near the top of my list for changing the world is ditching Real Audio, but it seems the BBC disagrees, as it's required.


zilla said...

mark - can't believe i didn't check out millar world before... but no matter i guess since we have only to wait until "one minute past midnight" tonight for the grand re-opening. was millar world similar to CBR?

Mark Fossen said...

Actually it's after Midnight GMT ... though I don;t know the exact time difference, we should see it here this evening.

It's not quite CBR. It's more adult, and more subdued. I quite like it - it actually reminds me of how my site (Operation Sports) used to be. Be it comics or videogames, it's tough to have an adult discussion. And Millarworld provides it.