Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This Week's Shopping List: June 29, 2005

Green Lantern #2
Albion #1
OMAC Project #3
Planetary #23
Seven Soldiers Shining Knight #3
Fantastic Four #528
Young Avengers #5
Wizard Comics Magazine #166

Problem is, I'm still trying to catch up on a lot of storylines from the past year. A recent spree at Midtown Comics and should catch me up, but they have yet to arrive. So I'll be waiting to read most of these until I can catch up, and my list of books I'll actually get to read today looks a lot more like this:

Green Lantern #2
Albion #1
Wizard Comics Magazine #166

I was not all that impressed with the first issue of the Green Lantern relaunch, but I'll give it a few issues to hook me. Though it was wonderfully "compressed", I just felt like it was ticking off the fanboy checklist to give them the Silver Age Hal they wanted. This is the first Geoff Johns I'm reading, so I have no idea what to expect from him. We'll see where it goes from here.

Albion is something I'm looking forward to. Though I'm not completely clear on the extent of Alan Moore's involvement, even if it's purely conceptual this will be a good read.

With only two new comics I'll be reading immediately, I wanted a bit more punch from New Comic Day. So I just added Wizard out of desperation. I haven't touched that mag in over 5 years, but I'm not guessing it suddenly got ... intelligent.


Who am I kidding? I know I won't have enough willpower to resist a new Planetary.


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Kevin said...

Hey fossen, nice blog. I haven't started reading the new Green Lantern's either. I have them, just haven't gotten around to reading them yet. I have read some Geoff Johns stuff and have liked it. The GL: Rebirth series to start up the new GL line was written by him and it was pretty good. He has been doing the new Teen Titans line as well and it is one of my favorite titles right now. His JSA's were pretty good too. I usually give new titles like this GL one 12 issues to see if they can hook me. Let's hope it does because I really liked Kyle Rayner as GL over the last few years. I hope they don't forget all about him. I know DC is having a 5-issue GL Corps title coming out soon that will deal with Rayner, Guy Gardner, and Kilowog all leading out of the Rebirth series. Hopefully that will be good.