Wednesday, December 06, 2006

52 on 52 #31

Did M3G themselves compile the continuity nitpicks driving this scene, or did an intern do the actual Newsarama surfing?

Dr. Fate? Ahead? BWA-HA-HA!

The close connection of "Key" and "Superman" leads me to this key.

... I'm grasping at straws, hoping for something more interesting than the obvious answer of "Booster Gold".

*What is this? Each week, I write exactly 52 words on that week's 52. The word count is according to the Word Count Firefox Extension. A picture is not worth a thousand words. For many more words (and excellent ones at that), check out Douglas Wolk's 52 Pickup.


nicholas danger said...

Could be Ray Palmer. But that seems a little too obvious to me.

Mark Fossen said...

Has Ray been mentioned in 52 at all? I feel like 52 should be a sort of closed circle - Supernova should be someone we already know in the pages of the book.

Of course, that leaves a damn short list. I'll be floored if it isn't Booster - or his 2006 ancestor that got dumped in the past by Skeets.

nicholas danger said...

Snapper Carr seems to be a popular theory right now, based on the Ralph panel you posted. It makes sense, but like you said, it feels like Supernova should be someone we've seen in the book.

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