Friday, December 15, 2006

T.G.I.F.: December 15, 2006

Not much in this week's books that qualifies for the stringent requirements placed upon the T.G.I.F.: an image that made me smile.

Hence, an image from a book that's new to me: Absolute New Frontier. This was my first time reading it, and while my reaction was tempered by the outsized hype ... I still loved it. This image is just one of many that blew off the page, exploding a sense of time and place and boundless optimism. New Frontier has some storytelling deficiencies, but is an unparalleled period piece and a work of tone. A month of Fridays, and I couldn't get to all the images I loved in here.

From Absolute New Frontier By Darwyn Cooke.

T.G.I.F.: Making Fridays Better since August 26, 2005.


SallyP said...

I'm guessing that the duo is Hal and Carol? Lovely art.

Mark Fossen said...

Yep, that's Hal and Carol. There are lots of gorgeous splash pages like this, but this page is probably my favorite.

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