Thursday, December 21, 2006

52 on 52 #33

Is this supposed to be ... shocking? Titillating? Romantic?

I'm assuming that "stiff", "posed", and "Tussaud-like" wasn't the intention.

I'll keep Alfred's words of wisdom in mind on the 25th.

OK. I admit it. I choked up.

I'm an easy mark at Christmastime. "It's A Wonderful Life Syndrome" is the medical diagnosis.

*What is this? Each week, I write exactly 52 words on that week's 52. The word count is according to the Word Count Firefox Extension. A picture is not worth a thousand words. For many more words (and excellent ones at that), check out Douglas Wolk's 52 Pickup.


SallyP said...

Ooh...and Clark kisses Lois, and a *veryy* pregnant Catwoman is feeding cats, Fire shows up for some reason, Hal Jordan gets a green tie for Christmas, and for some strange reason, Guy Gardner is feeling sentimental. Eh?

nicholas danger said...

Man, I hope Buddy makes it back.

A. H. said...

I think Morrison might have had more to do with this one--between "Happy Christmas" and throwing Batarangs "about," it seems kind of Britishy to me.

Poor Buddy.

Mark Fossen said...

Sally - Yeah ... what the hell is Guy doing?

Nicholas - So do I. It's not just personal attachment. I just love this "superhero as father and husband" vibe he works on, and think it's sorely missing from comics. Maybe I just want to see myself on the page?

A.H. - that was my first reaction, as well.

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