Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Penultimate Elk's Run Post?

Since I returned to comics, nothing has excited me as much as Elk's Run. That's why I'm thrilled I'll finally get to read the whole thing! Josh breaks the good news ....

Don't know about Elk's Run? Well, you could start here. Then go here. And read this. And follow up with this.


glecharles said...

Can't wait for this to finally come out.

BTW, your feed hasn't been showing up in my Bloglines lately. Notice you're using Beta Blogger; did that change your feed?

Mark Fossen said...

I have had the chance to see how the story develops, but have held out to read it in paper form .... now my patience will be rewarded!

Beta may have screwed it up ... by FeedBurner feed is still working - at least I get everything through it.

Thanks, though - I'll use "RSS Issues" to explain my lagging readership, not "boring writing". :)

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