Monday, January 29, 2007

Focused Linkblogging

  • Everyone is bitching and moaning about DC's teaser image. Personally. I'm excited. This looks like a big ol' "Hello-o-o-o-o, Multiverse!", especially the wonder of Pirate Batman. For me, the drug that draws me back to DC comics is The Big Idea: Multiverses, New Gods, and Pirate Batmen. Wild sci-fi fueled space opera is the order of the day when DC's working right ... not conspiracy and rape and betrayal. Leave the soap opera to Marvel - their characters are designed for it. What I want is Gardner Fox and Julie Schwartz filtered through Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, and Grant Morrison.

    • I realize there are corpses littering the ground, but those are all literally in the past. Hopefully they will stay there.
    • Re: Emo Superman. It's a dramatic shortcut. Want to show how devastating something is? Show it through your most powerful character. It's not rocket science.

  • Attention DC: Hand Alice the keys now. She's your Designated Driver.

  • Attention Joshua Hale Fialkov: You're an asshole. Making me buy Vampirella? What is it with you people? I've bought her for Morrison, Millar, Busiek, Carey ... and now Fialkov. You're all assholes.

  • Attention Blogosphere: Civil War's a bloated mess and DC's spinning up another crossover event. That said: please shut the fuck up about what you don't like, and tell me what you do. At this point, the only thing more drawn out than Civil War is the bitching about it. Maybe I'm just cranky, but it all seems so negative these days.


Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Cranky, indeed! Yow!


How's the show going?

Mark Fossen said...

I think that's the first time I've used language on the blog. It just remember that when I entered the Blogosphere lo these many moons ago, everyone was complaining about how negative and snarky and mean it all was. I didn't see it - I saw a lot of people talking about what they liked. Now I'm seeing that easy path of snarkiness, and it's utterly tiresome.

.... 'Course, I don't post about much of anything these days.

Show went well - just one weekend ... a complete experiment. Some people didn't care for it. I'll be starting into something more "normal" soon enough.

ZC said...

I dunno why everyone keeps going "Pirate Batman!!!" He doesn't really look like a pirate.

Hell, that sword looks like it came from an entirely different climate/locale/wordy-word-for-location.

Plus I don't think pirates wear chain-mail.

A. Hunt said...

I hereby pledge to plow this thing right into the back of a propane truck. No one will be spared, nor should they be.

(Man, thanks for reminding me of Sexy Chix. No really. THANKS.)

Mark Fossen said...

zc -

Yeah, I'll admit. I first thought "Templar Batman". (Why did no one do a Batman/Priory of Sion Elseworlds to hop on the Dan Brown gravy train?) But I obey the marching orders Mr. Sterling hands out.

AH -

I do it with nothing but love for the Sexy Chix.