Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This Week's Releases: January 31, 2007

I missed the New Releases post last week. I'm sure you shed a tear.

I did head to 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics last week, even if I didn't post about my shopping list. I'll be going again this week, buying comics of various sorts.

It's a light week, and the thing I'm most looking forward to is a trade paperback: Doom Patrol: Magic Bus. (I'll probably be an ass and buy it online at a discount, though. Sorry, Night Flight.) I used to have a complete set of Morrison's run on the title, and am glad DC's easing the sting of my eBay cashout. I also used to own Flex Mentallo ... any help with that sting, DC?

Deathblow is really, really unexpectedly good and unpredictable. "Titans East" begins in this week's Teen Titans, so I suppose the Batgirl complaints can become official.

Ultimate Civil War Spider-Ham Crisis is the classic comics conundrum: does the art of Mike Wieringo, Mike Allred, John Severin, Jim Mahfood and others outweigh my intense dislike of JMS' comics writing?

  • 52 #39
  • Deathblow #3
  • Doom Patrol: Magic Bus TP
  • JLA Classified #33
  • Teen Titans #43
  • Ultimate Civil War Spider-Ham Crisis #1
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #38
  • X-Men #195


Bram said...

DC's worked out its legal issues with Flex — Doom Patrol: Musclebound.

That's some weird, wonderful stuff.

Mark Fossen said...

I agree - it looks all worked out.

Perhaps they'll release Flex after they've run out of Doom Patrol?