Sunday, July 02, 2006

Focused Linkblogging

  • In last week's "New Joe Friday", Joe Quesada pulls a teflon move worthy of a presidential candidate. In the midst of discussion the latest creative summit that sets Marvel's long-range storytelling plans, we get this gem:

    NRAMA: Noticeably absent (and for some time) is a female creator in that group. Big picture wise, why hasn't a women creator made it into the tight circle of Marvel creators?

    JQ: Because currently there aren't any female writers working on any of our major titles. That said there are female editors at the summit.

    It's a weak evasion, and a weak piece of interviewing to let it stand.

    I'm actually not even accusing Quesada or marvel of sexist hiring practices. It's a damn small market, this writing of Big Two Comics. It's really just a handful of people, all of whom have proved themselves elsewhere. It's not like the back of previews is packed with female writers who are turning out the kind of action thrillers that would catch Marvel's eye. Just because Chynna Clugston is a great comics creator doesn't mean she's a perfect match to write a long run on Captain America or Iron Man. The Big Two aren't the Major Leagues, where everyone with enough talent will eventually wind up - they produce a pretty specific kind of comic, and aren't about to change anytime soon. I'd lay good money that if J.K. Rowling came along and offered marvel a Spider-Man mini, they wouldn't turn her down because of her chromosomal makeup.

    That said ... there aren't enough comics female writers working on comics period, and in the select ranks of The Big Two there are even fewer. I'd really rather not hear from DC fans that Dan Didio is somehow more enlightened due to the presence of Gail Simone and Devin Grayson: two exceptions does not parity make.

  • In another Newsarama link, a roundup of DC Nation from Heroes Con contains some tantalizing newsbits:
    • Speaking of Morrison, Didio noted that Seven Soldiers #1, the conclusion of Morrison's epic, is looking like it will be out in October.

      I believe this is, in fact, the literal definition of the phrase "better late than never".

    • Didio said that Wildstorm is looking at and is in talks to see about bringing back the Milestone Comics characters and series, but it is a very complicated process.

      Not much comment other than "Fan-bleeping-tastic".

    • DC may collect the original Captain Carrot series as a Showcase collection of there's enough demand, Didio said...

      There is demand, Mr. DiDio. There is demand.

  • I got a chance to see Superman Returns over the weekend, and I think Paul Dini summed up much of what I have to say about the film. It's not 1979 anymore, in case anyone at Warner Brothers was keeping track.


markus said...

Lack of follow-up is a regular Newsarama problem, but I'm delighted the question got asked in the first place. If everyone keeps pointing out how odd the lack of female representation is change might be coming eventually.
I also enjoyed the "Big 2 aren't the Major Leagues" line.

A thought criminal said...

Hey! Let's hire people who can't do the job! They're FEMALE, that's all that matters!

Mark Fossen said...

Hey! Let's hire people who can't do the job! They're FEMALE, that's all that matters!

Is anyone saying that? Has anyone, anywhere (other than conservatives looking for a strawman) ever said that?

I need to reread this post - I hope to Cthulhu that I didn't come across as .... that.

Sean Maher said...

You didn't. Don't worry.

It's a fine point, but at the same time, I'm curious what new points can be made in that discussion; it's an old problem that hasn't changed much in fifty years, near as I can tell.

markus said...

The presence of manga makes me more optimistic that change might be around the corner.
There already is a strong female presence in the romance section and with a little luck this might mean that in a few years time there is a sufficient pool of talented people of either gender who can meet the specific demands of superpeople publishers.