Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Focused Linkblogging

  • In the spirit of my Shatter post, I had a long piece in my head about that other great 80's genre: the Post-Apocalyptic. However ... time is preventing me from doing a full write-up on the Wasteland preview Oni kindly sent me, but in short: give it a try. I'm struck by a parallel to Battlestar Galactica: much like the miniseries that launched BSG, Wasteland's opening issue creates a detailed world, interesting characters ... and blows it all to smithereens, leaving room for a new status quo. Though the issue serves as a lot of setup, it's dense and chewy and action-packed and has some damn gorgeous art from Christopher Mitten. Check out a sample, if you don't trust me.

  • Bryan Lee O'Malley has posted a lot of sketchbook scans on his Flickr account. Wonderful "behind the scenes" stuff for the Scottheads like myself.

  • In the grand tradition of Paper Lion comes Harvey Jerkwater's brilliant The Knave and the Bold!

  • Dave Taylor has a great, detailed interview with the creators behind another attempt at Shakespearean manga. I'm impressed with their approach of re-setting the stories, concentrating on entertainment value, and keeping the verse.

  • How the heck did Postcards score Harvey freakin' Pekar? Jason tells the tale ...



Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I flipped through Wasteland at the LCBS this afternoon, reading the first 10-12 pages or so, and it just didn't grab me. Looked nice enough, but screamed "wait-for-the-trade" and fell victim to my new, stricter criteria for sampling floppies from the indie ranks.

I picked up Iron West, though, which looked interesting, grabbed me within its first 10 pages and is an OGN. I'm much more willing to take a $14.99 chance on a complete story than drop $2.99 a couplafew times for something that may never see completion.

markus said...

but in this case it's 48 pages for 2.99, that's half an OGN right there.
Anyway, the sample looks awesome.