Monday, October 10, 2005

ScatterThoughts: October 10, 2005

I have to churn out 1500-2000 words on NBA 2K6 today for Operation Sports ... so no posting of note. But there are a few thoughts rattling around that I can't work up into whole posts, and I might as well dump them here to make space for a discussion of jumpshot tendencies and fastbreak defense.

  • Pull me off your blogroll, and deny any memory of my existence. I need to be shot, then beaten, then boiled in oil. I will admit my sin now, in the hopes that a public shaming will help me mend my ways: I bought Wizard. Not only that, but I spent six bucks on that nonsense while putting The Push Man back on the shelf due to lack of funds. I am trying to make better decisions with my limited comics budget, and Wizard must go. What sparse news there actually is in it's pages is on the WeboComicBlogoNet within minutes, and the preview pages (like the ones here from Ed Brubaker's X-Men project) will eventually show on Newsarama. I have been making a point since Diamond's policy shift to drop Big Two titles from my pull list, and to add indy books that might not make the cut without preorders, but old Wizard habits die hard. I'll keep y'all updated on my "12-Step Wizard Recovery Program" throughout the coming months.

  • I really I really don't get the OEL distinction. There have been excellent discussions defining the term, and I understand the concept ... I just don't understand it's borders, it's geography. If someone could explain to me why Steady Beat is OEL and Peng isn't, maybe we'd be getting somewhere. At this point, it seems like a marketing term, not an artistic one. Seems like you're OEL if your publisher says you are. If that sells more copies, great. Otherwise it seems like another arbitrary distinction in an artistic community that doesn't need any more balkanizing.

  • Am I a complete and utter whore for admitting that stuff like this and this puts a bounce in my step that lasts all weekend long? .... Not that there's anything intrinsically wrong with whoredom, I suppose.



Johanna said...

"If someone could explain to me why Steady Beat is OEL and Peng isn't..."

Peng doesn't have a spine. Northwest Passage or Love as a Foreign Language might be better examples, although they're a lot slimmer than the common manga format.

You're right, it is a marketing term. And a format descriptor.

Mark Fossen said...

Thanks, Johanna. You're right, of course ... I should have used a better comparision. Just reading those two within days of each other really made me question the division.

Here's the new comparision: Scott Pilgrim vs. Steady Beat. Why one of those is OEL and the other isn't .. that's whare I get stumped.