Wednesday, October 26, 2005

This Week's Shopping List: October 26, 2005

It appears much money will be spent when I make it down to 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics on Friday.

A couple of these are "maybes" where I'll need to give a flip in the store (Flash, Wolverine), but even if I don't pick them up, it's a heck of a week. Jack Cross is currently holding the distinction of being the only Warren Ellis I just don't care about (it doesn't seem like Ellis does, either) ... so this is the beginning of the end unless some sparks fly soon. Luckily, Ellis that is good also appears: JLA Classified and Ultimate Secret. Loveless looks very good, though I fear my expectations of Deadwood: The Comic Book will prove it's undoing. JSA Classified should answer some questions about the nature of Inifinite Crisis, and so will JLA ... though JLA won't be half as well-written or a quarter as well-drawn. Two of the best books Marvel's producing these days come out in the same week, and remind me why I don't just cut the company from my pull entirely: Young Justice and Captain America are fine superhero comicstuff, and my comics experience would be lessened without them.

My most anticipated book this week is the Mike Allred issue of Solo, presented with it's originally solicited cover. It's far from the only underappreciated gem that will land, however. Small Gods is a well-crafted book that doesn't deserve it's early demise. Though Straczynski's comics work has often left me cold, Book Of Lost Souls features beauty from the pencil of Coleen Doran and deserves a look. Sunset City has gotten enough buzz that I will gladly try this story set in a retirement community.

I think a new Wizard is coming out. I will be strong.

  • Adventures Of Superman #645
  • Flash #227
  • Jack Cross #3
  • JLA #121
  • JLA Classified #13
  • JSA Classified #4
  • Loveless #1
  • Silent Dragon #4
  • Solo #7
  • Teen Titans #28
  • Wonder Woman #222
  • Small Gods #11
  • Fear Agent #1
  • Book Of Lost Souls #1
  • New Avengers #12
  • Sentry #2
  • Ultimate Secret #4
  • Wolverine #35
  • Young Avengers #8
  • Captain America #11
  • Sunset City



Shane Bailey said...

Let me know what you think of Fear Agent. I don't know if my store will have copies of it so I may have to search around.

Kevin said...

So... did you hold strong or did Wizard get you again? :)

Mark Fossen said...

I can't get to the store until tomorrow, but even Grant Morrison interviews will not sway my resolve.

Shane Bailey said...

I bought it and enjoyed it. Supposedly those characters in New Avengers (Namor, Reed, etc.) that met to talk about the Sentry have been around forever and are supposed to be called The Iluminati. They are supposed to have a falling out that starts marvel's next big event. Besides the Morrison interview and a Directors Commentary with Wolfman and Perez on Crisis on Infinite Earths that's about all you missed.