Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This Week's Shopping List: October 19, 2005

First, a word on the closing of Fanboy Rampage: Suck.

I make no secret I'm new to the WeboComicsBlogoNet, so I shan't trip the light fandango down Graeme's Memory Lane. I didn't read the comments much at all, and contributed to them even less. I certainly don't feel it was a "disgusting display of humanity's darkside", though I also have a hard time imagining Dorothy Parker would have been amused, viciousness notwithstanding. Why I hit the Rampage on a daily basis had nothing to do with snark, and everything to do with taking the pulse of the community. Heidi might be The Beat, and we may already have a Pulse ... but Graeme was the Stethoscope. He kept his ear to the hairless chest of the fanboys, and reported the zeitgeist. It was the essential comic fandom news source for those looking beyond breathless press releases. Graeme's posts never felt mean spirited to me, and I always felt even the comment snark didn't descend to vitriol. Coming from the twin fandoms of sports and videogames, I have a whole different definition of "venom and bile". It's a site I'll miss. 'Nuff said.

I'll celebrate Graeme's ascension into the stuff of blogging legend by buying some comics at 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics. It is the way of my people.

It's an odd little week, with a lot of "good" but not much "great". The last sighting of Frazer Irving's wonderful Klarion is the epitome of mixed blessings ... more Seven Soldiers is good, but I'll miss that world terribly. Dan Slott's has newly entered himself onto the lift of "Writers I Follow", so She-Hulk's a no-brainer ... though I wish I had read the first volume. I don't know I'll find it on the shelves, but Midnight Kiss sure sounds interesting. Justice gets a second issue to prove to me I should be picking this up in monthly format, instead of tradewaiting. I'll give Captain Atom: Armageddon a flip in the store, though my interest is mainly for the build-up to the Wildstorm relaunch with the Morrison/Lee WildC.A.T.S. and the Simone/Caldwell Gen 13. Millar's Ultimate Fantastic Four has been a treat so far, and the Ultimate Namor concept sounds suitably high-concept.Astro City continues to build well, and it's double the Busiek fun when Conan also drops. It seems Busiek always wins ... can't remember where I heard that.

  • Astro City: The Dark Age #4
  • Captain Atom:Armageddon #1
  • Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #2
  • Justice #2
  • Seven Soldiers Klarion The Witch Boy #4
  • Superman #222
  • Marvel 1602 New World #4
  • She-Hulk 2 #1
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #24
  • Conan #21
  • Giant Monster #1
  • Midnight Kiss #1



James Meeley said...


While we might differ on the value and worthiness of FBR, I do want to thank you for linking my "ode" to the place. I noticed a lot of folks practically lionizing the place yesterday and I'm glad you were willing to show both sides of the "story". Thank you. :)

Mark Fossen said...

I must say your post shocked me ... however, I also completely recognize that I am not only new, but that I seldom read the comments thread, which seemed to be a lot of what you were talking about.

But like I say - seeing daily threats of physical violence over people's choice of football videogame has inured me to message board vitriol.

Kevin said...

I'm getting the Captain Atom title as well. I'm looking forward to it probably the most this week behind Supes #222.