Thursday, August 10, 2006

52 on 52 #14

Obviously, this is a major clue .... damned if I understand it, though.

There's nothing like subtle foreshadowing.

This is nothing like subtle foreshadowing.

Trained dogs and eagles assisting an Uzi-wielding ice cream truck driver to subdue a freeze-ray equipped mad scientist.

Please add The Haven miniseries to my pull list, sir.

*What is this? Each week, I write exactly 52 words on that week's 52. The word count is according to the Word Count Firefox Extension.


Brian Hughes said...

Yeah, I have the awful feeing that you're right about that foreshadowing. That's exactly what I thought when I read that scene. Earlier in the year, when they were ramping up to 52, one of the creators let slip that one of the five leads would die in the course of the series, and I just knew it would be the Question, just 'cuz he's my favorite.


Sleestak said...

Rat poison = Pied Piper. I dunno. I'm sure it will be obvious later.

markus said...

It just occurred to me, that per the "each week ..." explanation you've pretty much comitted to buying this for a year. How's the quality holding up?

Mark Fossen said...

brian -

Maybe Rucka's being a clever dude, and setting us up for something that's not going to happen. Right now, though, I'll eat a 52 if Vic doesn't get capped, and Renee becomes the new Question.

markus -

Yeah, I'm in for the long haul. At least unless it really goes off the tracks. I'm enjoying it, not least because it's so unlike anything else on the stands. I enjoy the storytelling pace, and the friction between the various creators' styles rubbing up against each other.

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