Monday, August 21, 2006

Fifty-Two Answers

Scipio Asked.

Harvey Answered.

I'll join in ...

  1. Do you like Steel's new look and powers?
    Good lord, no.

  2. Is Supernova the real Booster Gold?
    Maybe not "the real", but rather "a real". He's from a New Future.

  3. Will Isis survive 52?
    I'm thinking "no". A grieving, vengeful Black Adam is in DC's future.

  4. What exactly IS Egg Fu?
    Evidence that Timothy Leary vistied the DC offices back in the day.

  5. Are they going to kill the Question?
    No doubt.

  6. Are you as tired of Montoya's Sam Spade act as I am?
    How tired are you? I'm sleepy, but nothing a Full Throttle wouldn't cure.

  7. Now that Luthor's uncorked the metagene bottle, how will DC ever get the metagenie back in?
    Next summer's crossover. They revisited Crisis, next they'll re-do Bloodlines.

  8. What is Egg Fu hoping to do with the kidnapped mad scientists?
    Human Fu Yung.

  9. Will we see Bruce and Diana at all in 52, as we have Clark?
    Sez Wacker: "Bruce yes, Diana no."

  10. Will Ralph stay bonkers?
    I bloody well hope so, but I doubt it.

  11. Do you love the idea of a permanently bonkers Ralph as much as I do?
    Oh, well ... yes. Especially if he was nutso, but not in Arkham. Just a crazy old stretching dude panhandling for Gingold.

  12. Who is the trenchcoated man in the background behind Ralph?
    Phantom Stranger.

  13. What is the Dominators connection to the 52?
    No idea yet. Completely lost there, though I think it's a lead in to next summer's crossover.

  14. So does Adam Strange have one eye or two, and will be getting any of them back?
    He has only one, and will not get it back. He will don an eyepatch and become Captain Strange, Space Pirate!

  15. When will Rex the Wonder Dog meet Krypto?
    Issue 53, no sooner.

  16. Hey -- where is Krypto while Clark is powerless?
    Killing rabbits.

  17. Am I the only person who wants to see them bring back Destructo?

  18. What relationship -- if any -- is there between John Henry Irons and the new Commander Steel in the Justice Society?
    Would be cool, but I think we can't see any 52 castmembers until the series wraps.

  19. Will Lois become pregnant?
    Please no, DiDio ... learn from Superman Returns.

  20. When is Rip Hunter and how soon before we see him in person?
    I think we never see him, and he may be nowhen. The timestream is that screwed.

  21. Will Lex be one of the kidnapped mad scientists?
    I lose track of how smart Lex is at any given time, but he hasn't been "mad" in awhile.

  22. Having been fused into one body, do Firestorm and Cyborg keep in touch?
    Christmas Cards.

  23. Will Haven (the "Eureka" for bad people) become a fixture in the DCU?

  24. So, did the Batfamily just take a cruise while the Red Hood is running around killing people or what?
    Wasn't Red Hood Nightwing while they were on the cruise?

  25. Will we see Harvey Dent at all in 52, given how active he is supposed to be in Gotham?
    Perhaps when MontoyaQuestion returns from Charlie's Khandaq funeral.

  26. Will we get to see Bullock expose the corruption in Commissioner Akins' department?
    See above.

  27. Will Bullock and Film Freak get a New Earth rematch?
    "Film Freak"? I bow to your superior continuity-fu, Scipio.

  28. Will the feminist bloggers stop cataloging every rape and attempted rape if I start cataloging every time a female character kicks a male one in the nuts?
    No, nor should they. And I expect the Nut Kicking Catalogue would be much smaller.

  29. Will we ever find out what the heck is happening in Sub Diego?
    Not until Kurt Busiek tells us in Sword Of Atlantis. ... Not that I'll still be reading at that point.

  30. Will we ever find out why somebody sunk Sub Diego to begin with?
    Again, Kurt Knows All. And will reveal it slowly.

  31. Shouldn't Black Manta be one of the missing mad scientists?
    They are kidnapping "mad" scientists. He's a "badass" scientist.

  32. Any guess about the status of Lorena, Mera, Tempest, Dolphin, et al.?
    Kurt Knows All.

  33. Does anyone care about the status of Lorena, Mera, Tempest, Dolphin, et al.?
    Kurt? Laura?

  34. Is Wonder Girl brainwashed or just tragically stupid?
    .. or just damn badly written?

  35. What is Devem's connection to Krypton?
    Phantom Zone escapee? My continuity-fu is weak.

  36. Am I the only person who'd really prefer that Starfire never return to Earth?
    Probably not the only one, though I would not stand with you in the "Million Man Keep Starfire In Space March".

  37. Is the character of Natasha Irons now irredeemable?
    No, not yet. That point may come, but I still think she can be redeemed.

  38. Will there be a Batwoman costume available this Halloween and, if so, who (other than me) will wear it?
    There will not, but if there were ... approximately 83.2% of The Castro would don such attire.

  39. What will Skeets do with his spare time now that Booster's dead?
    Catch up on Lost.

  40. Does anyone know or care what Holly's last name is in Catwoman?
    Theoretically "someone", sure. Not me.

  41. What does the return of the Metal Men portend?
    Creepy revisionist takes on Platinum and Doc Magnus.

  42. Is Captain Marvel really going to stay stuck in the Rock of Eternity?
    Right up until Judd Winick wants him out.

  43. Given that Todd & Damon were dating before 52 and still are after it, doesn't that make them comics' longest standing gay couple (aside from Apollo & Midnighter)?
    ATTN COMICS INTARWUB: Insert Batman/Robin joke here.

  44. Will we ever get to see Damon meet Alan Scott?
    Justice Society of America #1, coming this fall.

  45. Is anyone still reading Outsiders and, if so, why?
    Not me, so no idea.

  46. Will Batwoman come into conflict with Harvey Dent?
    Good call - Harvey's supposed to be Gotham's understudy protector.

  47. Am I the only person brushing up his Chinese for the first meeting of Egg Fu and the all-new Atom?
    You may be.

  48. Speaking of the Atom, is that Luthor who's handing out "shrinking belts"?
    No. No idea who is, but Luthor's stretched too thin as is.

  49. With Whisper Adaire and the Monster Society running around and mad scientists being kidnapped, why doesn't anybody remember Professor Milo?
    Give Waid time.

  50. Am I the only person really excited about the idea of the evil Titans East, including the return of the Joker's Daughter?
    Actually, yeah. I was about to take a potshot at Johns, but I sure liked his creepy Niles Caulder.

  51. Will we meet Miss Martian in the J'onn J'onnz miniseries?
    That would be the tree in the uninhabited forrest, my friend.

  52. Who do you want to see turn up in 52 who hasn't yet?
    Grant Morrison himself, metting up with Buddy again.