Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This Week's Releases: August 1, 2006

Wednesday looms in my mental landscape as "Opening Night", yet there will also be comics. Though my current employment has put my pull list on hold, I'll still be stopping by 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics in order to pick up at least a few books.

Seriously - comics, Shakespeare, then being taken out to a wonderful Greek restaurant to celebrate ... how does your Wednesday match up?

There's a bit on this list I'm not so sure about, and may end up passing on. In fact this list could easily chop in half, depending on how eBay treats me this week. The "Brave New World" titles (Atom, Creeper, OMAC) are already on the chopping block, for example. I also need to take a look at Agents Of Atlas in the store. I feel I should simply tradewait it, but it looks too damn fun to skip. I freely admit I am only considering Batman: Son Of The Demon because of it's possible tie-in to Grant Morrison's run on Batman ... yes, I got hooked and reeled in by DC Marketing... sue me.

The high point of the week is definitely the new Mouse Guard which has become unto a holiday around these parts. The story's slowly developing, and I'm looking forward to whatever mad action sequence this issue brings. Timm's Detective and Brubaker's Uncanny are already delivering the goods, and their presence on the list makes the drop-off from Mouse Guard an easier landing.

  • 52 #13
  • All-New Atom #2
  • Batman: Son Of The Demon
  • Creeper #1
  • Detective Comics #822
  • OMAC #2
  • Outsiders #39
  • Agents Of Atlas #1
  • Fantastic Four #539
  • Uncanny X-Men #477
  • Mouse Guard #4



Greg said...

They're re-releasing Son of the Demon? Interesting. For years they claimed it was outside of continuity, but when Morrison wants to use it, they jump through hoops to reprint it. It's very good, by the way - Jerry Bingham's art is gorgeous.

duncan said...

Dini not Timm! I don't know how many times I've seen this mistake.

Mark Fossen said...

Sheesh! I usually check that, because it's a mistake I often make.

You're right. I should just start writing DiniTimm.