Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This Week's Releases: August 9, 2006

The new release that I'm anticipating most this week isn't a comic at all: it's a videogame. Dead Rising, from Capcom is hitting the Xbox 360, full of zombie-infested-mall madness. I'm not a huge survival horror guy, but this looks more Evil Dead than Night Of The Living Dead: cartoony, mad, and satiric. The demo released a few days ago was a blast, and I'm looking forward to submersing myself in a good game ... though I freely admit, that may be the unemployment talking. It hits stores today.

Speaking of which - New Game Day is Tuesdays, New Comics Day is Wednesdays. I often think that were EBGames/Gamestop to branch out into comics it would do a lot of good for the direct market. Hell - a place where your main purchase is a $50-$60 game is one of the few shops where a $3 comic seems utterly reasonable.

In an interesting turn of events, DC carpet-bombed the WeboComicsBlogoNet - at least the upper echelons - with copies of Martian Manhunter. I'm glad to see DC taking the blogosphere seriously, but equally glad that after reading Graeme, Kevin, and Jog, I don't need to share their pain. Such are the risks of comp copies, no?

Rambling a lot this week, aren't I? Again, it may be the unemployment talking writing. I do plan my weekly trip to 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics, and plan to purchase some comics while I'm there. The Busiek/Pacheco Superman showed the promise of legend in their first issue, and I plan to enjoy seeing a soon-to-be-classic run develop. I'm also stocked with excellent miniseries this week: Beyond, Fantastic Four: First Family, Conan & The Songs Of The Dead, and the truly fantastic Black Coat.

  • 52 #14
  • Secret Six #3
  • Superman #655
  • Beyond #2
  • Civil War: Front Line #5
  • Fantastic Four: First Family #6
  • Incredible Hulk #97
  • Conan & The Songs Of The Dead #2
  • Escapists #2
  • Black Coat: Call To Arms #4
  • Devi #2



Greg said...

I know you've been digging it, so perhaps you can tell me when issue #3 of The Black Coat came out. I got issue #2 but didn't see issue #3. This makes me grumpy.

Mark Fossen said...

Looks like #3 came out on 7/21 - at least so says my shopping list.

Bones said...

Dead Rising is the game I've been waiting for since the first time I saw Dawn of the Dead.

Make no mistake about it, I'll be handing out many a "I told you so's" on the Martian Manhunter series this week ;)

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