Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This Week's Releases: August 16, 2006

Unemployment can really screw up your groove. I should have more time to be blogging, but find I have less ... curious. I fully intend to get back in the swing of things next week, when Henry V has closed. After all, I can't really review last week's books when I still haven't read them.

I have an audition early Wednesday afternoon down in SLC, so will stop by 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics nice and early.

I can't say I'm all that enthused by Garth Ennis' new project, The Boys. He's a writer that can hit notes of greatness (as with much of Preacher and Hitman), but then will hit the same goddamn notes again and again and again, ad infinitum. I'm already waiting for the massively overweight evil guy with a perverse sexual inclination. And, of course, the madly entertaining drunk, because it's not Ennis without that. And, perhaps, some not-so-subtle homophobia. ... Still, I suppose I'll give it a try in the off chance that it's the next Hitman.

Some new debuts have caught my eye this week: Rex Mundi from Dark Horse, Phonogram from Image, and Savage Brothers from BOOM! Studios. Phonogram promises a fascinating mix of mods, music, magic and drop-dead gorgeous art from Jamie McKelvie. Rex Mundi is a relaunch, and I sure wish Dark Horse would have ensured the old TPBs were in print as the series relaunched ... but as a sucker for all the Holy Blood, Holy Grail flim-flammery I'm buying this regardless. I've received a early copy of Savage Brothers, and hope to get a detailed post up before shopping time tomorrow.

  • 52 #15
  • Boys #1
  • Checkmate #5
  • Manhunter #25
  • Robin #153
  • Casanova #3
  • Fell #6
  • Phonogram #1
  • Civil War: X-Men #2
  • Iron Man #11
  • Nextwave: Agents Of H.A.T.E. #7
  • Runaways #19
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #32
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2
  • Conan #31
  • Rex Mundi #1
  • Savage Brothers #1
  • Wasteland #2



Greg said...

You can probably still find the first two trade paperbacks of Rex Mundi when Image published them. I see them all the time in the local comic book shoppe. I know Dark Horse is bringing out new editions, but it IS weird they didn't do it before the new #1 issue (which I'm not sure counts as a relaunch, since I'm pretty sure it's just going to continue the story as if it didn't switch publishers), especially because they're putting some muscle behind the series. Rex Mundi demands a close reading of the first 18 or so issues, and I know the first three trades will eventually be out from Dark Horse, but the timing is a bit weird. Definitely worth it, though - this is one of my favorite series.

Peter Hensel said...

I'm under the impression taht Dark Horse is even releasing vol. 3 before vol. 1 and 2, to further complicate people who enjoy uniform trade dress and timely publications.

Peter Hensel said...

I actually just saw Dark Horse's solicitations for November, and saw that they had vol. 2 shipping, which led me to find out taht they had vol. 1 solicited a month before. I take back my previous comment.

Mark Fossen said...

I suppose it just stuck out because it seems to be a pattern with Dark Horse: if you have the opportunity for a well-times trade paperback, go out of your way to miss that opportunity.

I'm glad they are doing them, but it just would have made sense to time it better.

Juan Ferreyra said...

Hi, I'm Juan, the artist, Thaks for chekcing Rex Mundi out!
and I think they released the 3 trade first because there are a lot of people who bought the first and second trade and they are waiting for the third trade and I think they wont be buying (and dont need ) the Dark Horse versions of Vol.1 and 2.

in september we have vol 3 coming out and vol1 will come out on nov I think and there is vol 2 coming out shortly after that I think. and if evrything goes well, vol 4 will be around April maybe.

if you want to check some Rex Art go here http://jefandart.blogspot.com/

Mark Fossen said...

Juan -

After your work on small gods, you're the main reason I'm excited about Rex Mundi.

I'm sure Dark Horse has a rhyme and/or reason for their release schedule. I'm just getting spoiled by how well - for example - Godland does it: the trade of 1-6 hits stands the same day as #7. Wanna catch up, here it is in one big lump.

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