Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fifty-Two More Answers

Scipio asks.

I answer.


  1. Do you, like me, pray daily that Ralph Dibny dies in 52?
    I'm not a praying man.

    Perhaps I should start.

  2. Have you noticed that on Heroes, the women generally have the "butch" physical powers and the men have the "passive" mental powers?
    I haven't. But now I'll be thinking about it in every episode.

  3. Will Supernova remain a part of the DCU after 52?
    Yes, but not as Supernova.

  4. Will there be an Aquaman movie?
    Not in this reality.

  5. Am I the only person who still believes in the possible innocence of Skeets?
    I'm sure other tinfoil-hat-wearers agree with you.

  6. When will the new Atom meet Hawkman?
    Brave And The Bold #4.

  7. Am I the only person who doesn't think Montoya deserves to become the Question?
    I'd agree, but it's not just "deserve". It's just a bad, forced fit.

  8. Has there ever been a more stinging condemnation of Wonder Woman than that made by Circe in the most recent issue?
    Superheroes should defend everyone, not just those from their own race/ethnicity/gender/religion/sexuality.

  9. Am I the only person who really wants SuperChief to come back?
    I'd like to see more of him, as the character seemed to hint at complexity.

  10. It's perfectly safe to assume that Dr. Light is the Evil Mastermind behind all the other villians in JLA, isn't it?
    Oh, dear. You are probably right, aren't you?

  11. Who will come out first, Connor Hawke or Mario Lopez?
    Mario - I'm thinking his career needs the boost more. Since I have no idea who he is.

  12. Why do I feel like I'm the only person reading Freedom Fighters?
    Because you are?

  13. Does the fact that I burst out laughing when I read that Joe Quesada is Wizard's Man of the Year say more about Wizard, Joe, or me?
    All of the above.

  14. If the latest Marvel Heroclix set has four ultra-rare zombified uniques, shouldn't the next DC set have four ultra-rare Starro-controlled figures?
    No ... New Frontier figures.

  15. How will Batwoman kiss Montoya when she's wearing the Question mask?
    Off-panel, assuredly.

  16. I am the only person who thinks Hercules should now be a permanent addition to Wonder Woman's "dynasty"?
    He does seem like he could be fun - especially if he can stay both chauvinist pig and hero.

  17. Even when they name him "Sobek", aren't you going to call the Black Adam Family's new crocodile friend "Tawky Crawky"?
    I prefer "Crocy Crawny", myself.

  18. If you had to live alone on a deserted island with one character from 52, which one would it be? I'd choose SuperChief; a lonely, lonely Superchief...
    Wicker Sue. Haven't you watched Survivor? You need kindling, man!

  19. Can you name one villain who should be permanently "relocated" into Superman's Rogues Gallery, and why?
    Batman. Because the two are implacable enemies, and Batman will always win.

    ... Sorry. Had a Frank Miller moment there.

  20. Don't you think Dr. Domino will be one of the Four Horsemen?
    Sorry, I can't enable you like that.

  21. Is there a more boring book than Checkmate? I'm having trouble sleeping at night... .
    Have your tried a phone book? That's about all I can think of.

  22. If M. Mallah & the Brain adopted, what would they name the child? I'm thinking "Dominique"... .
    I'm thinking "Dick Grayson Mallah-Brain".

  23. If Aquagirl were to develop one superpower, what should it be?
    The power to be interesting?

  24. Will there be a new Booster Gold, ya think?
    See #3.

  25. Isn't this the first time we've actually seen Sivana's wife?
    No idea.

  26. Don't you think Northwind should be rehumanified and brought back into the fold of the Hawkman dynasty?
    If only to permanently keep Kingdom Come an Elseworld ...

  27. I'm the only person hoping the prophecy will be fulfilled by a monster eating Cassandra Cain, aren't I?
    I'm hoping it involves making her more evil, just to piss off more blogospherians. Perhaps he will eat her very soul.

  28. If you were to bring back the Joker's Daughter, how would you do it?
    Just do it, ignoring any continuity I don't like?

    ... Sorry. Had a John Byrne moment there.

  29. Shouldn't the Giant Lex Luthor Balloon be a recurring character?
    It needs a yearly appearance in the Rutland Halloween Parade.

  30. Do the Wonder Scouts have merit badges for bondage and neck-wringing, and, if so, how are they earned?
    They are earned by hard work and practice, of course.

  31. Since the most recent Heroclix map is the Space Map, shouldn't the next one be a Water/Ocean map?
    Ummmmmm .... sure?

  32. Shouldn't Black Canary start dating Dr. Mid-Nite again?

  33. Was I the only person surprised by John Henry's loss of his new powers?
    I was only surprised it took so long.

  34. Doesn't anyone else miss Neptune Perkins?
    I don't.

  35. Isn't it about time we stop mooning over "Cowgirl" and start getting our asses kicked by the Sinestro Corps?
    I'm hoping Hal starts listening to My Chemical Romance and posting on MySpace. 'Cause that's about as good a use of the character ...

  36. What one villain would you revitalize by making him/her a member of the Sinestro Corps?
    Crazy Quilt.

  37. If DC published an anthology title with new stories written in a Golden Age style, would you buy it?
    No. Let the past be the past, I want comics for my age.

  38. If DC published an anthology title with new stories written in a Silver Age style, would you buy it?
    No. Let the past be the past, I want comics for my age.

  39. If DC published an anthology title with new stories written in a Bronze Age style, would you buy it?
    No. Let the past be the past, I want comics for my age.

  40. Am I the only person who misses Ferdinand and wonders exactly where a minotaur lives if not at the Themysciran Embassy?
    I assume he lives under a cork tree.

  41. I'm the last person on earth to realize how good Birds of Prey is, aren't I?
    I'm right there with you.

  42. Superchief, Ferdinand, Northwind; hmm, do I need therapy or just a weekend at one of William Marston's furry festivals?
    No, you just need a PAC.

  43. Since there will eventually be a new Terraman, what should he be like?
    A superintelligent gorilla ninja pirate zombie.

  44. Doesn't anyone at DC remember that Congress can't pass Constitutional amendments without them being ratified by the states?
    This is New Earth, baby. The old rules don't apply.

  45. Is it no longer continuity that Luthor was a third-party candidate?
    No idea.

  46. Has anyone else noticed how much less child molestation and bodies-in-the-backyard there are now that Alan Moore's not writing for DC?

  47. Am I the only person who thinks Rex the Wonderdog should be a supporting player in something other than Shadowpact? I think a talking immortal dog would be perfect in either Wonder Woman or Manhunter... or maybe living with Wendy & Marvin in Teen Titans.
    He should be a supporting player in Brave And The Bold.

  48. Shouldn't Mr. Terrific be a lot cheerier now that he's getting some?
    No. It's part of his mystique.

  49. No one really misses the Ventriloquist, do they?
    I do.

  50. So, is it Chung Tzu or Chung Zhu? I hope they choose the latter and cover it by saying that Westerners were mispronouncing it, because it's really odd and vaguely disrespectful to name a supervillain after an ancient philosopher for no reason... .
    Excellent point.

  51. Am I the only person who thinks Dr. Mid-Nite should have his own title, with Dr. Scott consulting?
    Dr. Mid-Nite by Matt Wagner? Yes.
    Dr. Mid-Mite by Geoff Johns or Judd Winick or Greg Rucka? No.

  52. Isn't there ever going to be a second issue of Digging for the Truth? I am dying to see Josh confront the villain.
    Josh is a tease.