Monday, June 05, 2006

Elk's Run Lives!

I couldn't be happier to read the news that Elk'’s Run will finally see completion.

Except, perhaps, reading the news that it will see completion as a graphic novel from Random House imprint Villard. I have even heard the word "hardcover" bandied about.

It's another story of mainstream publishers dipping their toes in the graphic novel waters, and Elk's Run is an excellent fit. It's suspense-laden storyline and natural, warm art will speak to people outside the Direct Market. In a nation obsessed with Lost, where fictional books mentioned on the show sell bucketloads, Elk's Run is a hit waiting to happen.

It's also the story of a handful of artists who kept on pushing, even when things went bad. Josh, Noel, Scott, Jason, Jason, Datsun and everyone else .... congratulations! Harvey Award
are all well and good, but publishing must be even better.

Now it's just the waiting, which wiser souls have dubbed "the hardest part".



A. H. said...

Forgive me for asking this, but is there any chance you might actually describe what Elk's Run is about? I know it gets all kinds of accolades, but I have no idea what kind of story it is (aside from "suspenseful"), and I'd like to know before I try it out.

Mark Fossen said...


Here and


It's not heavy on spoilers, but will hopefully give an idea.

Sean Maher said...

Elk's Run is the story of a small-town militia. After years of peaceful insularity, the town of Elk's Ridge is rocked when a drunk driver kills one of their children while trying to escape through the only tunnel out of town. The town's brutal public revenge on the man finally spurs some of the children to reject their parents' way of life, just as the militia's war against the outside world is about to begin.

Mark Fossen said...

I am utterly incapable of writing a capsule like that.

Fantastic! That should be the back of the jacket, Sean.

Sean Maher said...

Ha! Thanks, Mark!

Now, if I could only do it for my own projects...