Monday, November 21, 2005

Elk's Run Giveaway Contest!

Wherein My Money And Mouth Are Co-Located

Focused Totalitarians, welcome to the first comics giveaway at this little site! When I wrote about the Elk's Run: Bumper Edition I said the following:

It's a testament to the power of Tuazon's craft that, after paying eight bucks for the collection, I now feel a burning desire to track down the monthlies - so I can enjoy the art as originally intended.

I have done that, ordering a set of the first three issues for myself. While I was at it, I ordered two extra copies of the first issue ... for you. Since I now have the originals, I am also willing to part with the Bumper Edition, collecting the first three issues of the series along with commentary and tons of extras ... for you. Issue 4 should be hitting store shelves soon, so this will give you a chance to catch up.

It's quite simple: send an email to with the subject "Elk's Run Giveaway Contest!". Include your name and the address where I can send the book, and that's it! Friday, I will randomly select one Grand Prize Winner (who will receive the Bumper Edition), and two First Prize Winners (who each receive Elk's Run #1).

This contest is open to everyone, including other comics bloggers! I just hope that if you enjoy it and have a forum in which you can spread the Elk's Run love, you will do so.

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