Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Focused Linkblogging of Love

It's Valentine's Day, so it's all about the love in this little linkblog:

  • Reason #67 in "Why I Love Double Articulation":

    By some happy cosmic accident, these absolutely symmetrical covers were published only a year apart, at a time when I was young enough to feel that comics were like signals from the stars, profound messages from a distant planet or from beneath the crust of this one, artifacts, alien or ancient, intended exclusively for me.

  • Mike Sterling loves comics.

  • Have I ever mentioned how much I love Brian Cronin's monthly feature over at Comics Should Be Good, "Judging Books By Their Covers"? I haven't? ... Well, I really love "Judging Books By Their Covers".

  • Beaucoup Kevin is noticing a possible pattern in AiT/PlanetLar solicitations, and he mentions a "nagging rumor" that Five Fists Of Science has jumped from Ait/PlanetLar to Image. It's page at the AiT/PlanetLar site has gone missing and the switch is confirmed in this week's All The Rage, as it was apparently announced at WonderCon. This is the one Ait/PlanetLar title that's really on my radar, and news it's actually on it's way (regardless of publisher) is most welcome and fills me with thoughts of steampunk love.



James Meeley said...


You failed to take note of The Comic Asylum's "Guy Gardner Week."

It's a great time, look at one of the biggest a-holes of the superhero community. It's fun for the whole family.

Today even features a special "Valentine's Day" look at Guy. You can't beat that. ;)

Jim Roeg said...

Thank you, Mark! You know the feeling's mutual. And just to stick with the theme of me regressing to childhood: I feel transported back to the days of grade three when the whole class gave out Valentines to each other. That was nice... Happy Valentine's Day! :)