Friday, February 03, 2006

T.G.I.F.: February 3, 2006

Usually the T.G.I.F. is all about the happy, but this week comes with very mixed emotions.

Most reading this blog know that Seth Fisher passed away yesterday. His work in Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big In Japan was stunning, and has graced this feature before. The fourth issue came out this week, and I re-read the set last night. Midway through the mad postmodernism of the third issue the thought came that I would love to see Fisher and Morrison team up in a verbal, visual, and imaginative barrage that would set pages on fire ....

Then I realized that wouldn't be happening.

However, it doesn't mean he didn't still make me smile last night. I have a lot of back issues to find, and he'll be speaking to me and making me smile for a long while to come.

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