Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This Week's Releases: February 15, 2006

My trip to 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics tomorrow promises joy. Hopefully, it does not promise the two-hour one-way drive I had last week. I enjoy the drive, and the thinking time that provides ... but not that much time.

I have made resolutions to stop buying miniseries, and wait out the trade. Then something like Paul Pope's Batman: Year One Hundred comes along and snaps my willpower like a twig. I seem to be in a real love/hate relationship with Brian Wood's stuff lately, but I'm hoping Supermarket lands on the "love" side. Ultimate Fantastic Four kicks off the "President Thor" arc, and the idea of Mark Millar playing with this character some more is what got me to follow his run on UFF in the first place - his Ultimate Thor is one of the more interesting characters in superhero comics today. New Avengers is off the pull list, but the last issue piqued my interest just enough that I will give it a flip-through.

In the "Things I Probably Won't Buy" Department is the debut of the Brubaker/Lark Daredevil. I'd follow those two just about anywhere, but I've been reading Daredevil in the oversized hardcovers, so am at least a year behind and don't want to leap ahead. Also of note is the Kid Eternity trade, collecting the 90's Morrison/Fegredo miniseries, which is probably hoping to capitalize on his decidedly odd appearance in a recent issue of Teen Titans. I think Justice is on my pull list, but this will be my last issue ... I honestly forget it exists between issues, and that's not a good sign.

  • Action Comics #836
  • Batman: Year One Hundred #1
  • Firestorm #22
  • JSA Classified #9
  • Justice #4
  • Sgt Rock: The Prophecy #2
  • Supermarket #1
  • New Avengers #16
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #27
  • X-Men: Deadly Genesis #4
  • X-Statix Presents Dead Girl #2
  • Conan #25



zilla said...

just an FYI, i started DD w/ #82 and it is really, really good. Brubaker's outdone himself and this may be the start of a great run w/ lark.

PS when you say you've been reading the oversize HCs, do they have any that cover the material starting w/ the 4th trade? that's where i'm looking to jump on...

zilla said...

ps i also wanted to get your opinion on supermarket. i passed on it (waiting for a recommendation/review).

Mark Fossen said...

I'm not exactly sure how the HCs and Trades match up, but I think the second bendis HC (Vol. 3) contains the 3rd and fourth trade...

Didn't get to Supermarket last night, but will probably post something about it when I do.