Tuesday, February 28, 2006

This Week's Releases: March 1, 2006

This Wednesday, I'll head down to 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics and pick up what looks to be a really fun batch of comics. It will only serve as prelude, however, to the true excitement of the day. .... More on that later.*

Infinite Crisis drops, and my worries were seemingly unjustified. It looks like One Year Later begins to kick off this week with JSA, Outsiders, relaunch-without-a-new-number-one Aquaman: Sword Of Atlantis, James Robinson's Detective Comics. Meanwhile, Adventures Of Superman wraps up the final story before those titles leap, Batman Annual cleans up some continuity, and Sam Keith stays blessedly unconnected to current events in Batman: Secrets. And so goes the DCU - it's big event comics, and the dangling carrot of One Year Later is going to get eaten. Fanboys will rampage over whether or not the wait was worth it.

Meanwhile, Marvel quietly delivers two of my favorite reads on the stands these days: Nextwave and Ultimates. Local, Fear Agent, and Gødland also arrive this week, and will allow me the delusion that I'm not a complete superhero whore.**

All this Wednesday goodness only serves as an appetizer to the day's main event. After I pick up this week's books, I'll be heading to my first real performance in almost a decade. I decided to knock of the rust by doing a staged reading, where there is light rehearsal and only a few performances. I have since realized that approaching a major Shakespeare role on three rehearsals is knocking off the rust with a sledgehammer.

  • Adventures Of Superman #649
  • Aquaman: Sword Of Atlantis #40
  • Batman Annual #25
  • Batman: Secrets #1
  • Detective Comics #817
  • Infinite Crisis #5
  • JSA #83
  • Outsiders #34
  • Fear Agent #3
  • Godland #8
  • Next Wave #2
  • Ultimates 2 #10
  • X-Factor #4
  • Local #4
  • Hellboy: Makoma #2

* That's what we in the biz call a "tease".
** I will be sure to update y'all at some point on how many Google hits I get from the term "superhero whore".


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