Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This Week's Shopping List: February 8, 2005

First, my contractually obligated* mention of my store of choice this Wednesday: 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics. Now onto the highlights of the week's books, done in the bulletpoint style that frees me from coherence and segues:

  • Joe Kelly's Earth-2 Superman arc begins its run in the Superman titles. I've been excited about this since it was announced, and the extra credits on the cover don't dampen the enthusiasm: Kelly, Chaykin, Sale, Ordway (and others). This combined with a Levitz/Perez JSA takes the sting out, though. I have a soft spot for Earth-2, and this week promises much Earth-2 love.

  • Eddie Campbell writes the two-hundredth Legends of the Dark Knight, and that's good enough for me. I've not read an issue of this since 1998 ... but Eddie Campbell writing a done-in-one Super Sized Batman tale is something I can't resist.

  • Incredible Hulk #92 begins a big storyarc "event", which does not interest me. Greg Pak writing the Jolly Green One does, because his work on the character in 1602: New World was pretty compelling.

  • I think I'm a sucker for World War II superheroes. I think the good press for Battle Hymn: Farewell To The First Golden Age has me convinced. However, I also think that I'll need to see how the wallet's feeling ...

  • Wanna know something about me? I really like Young Avengers.

  • My feelings were mixed at first, but I sure am enjoying Midnight Kiss more and more with each issue. I was particularly harsh on Ryan Stegman's art, but his storytelling craft seems to be growing as the series goes along.

  • Oh, goody! Yes ... goody. I can find no better term to describe the appearance of a new installment of Action Philosophers! (Featuring The Golem, it appears.)

  • The first volume of Nana is still in my "I want to write about this" pile. I just have a hard time putting the experience of reading it into words, even after multiple attempts. The second volume should hit shelves today, and is as worthy a manga purchase as you could make.

  • I remember the bang of buying JLA #1, when Grant Morrison blew the doors off the concept and made it the books I got the shakes for each month. The fact this run is ending as it is, with this miserable issue-filler .... it's a whimper.

  • Ganges taught me my lesson. You win, WeboComicsBlogoNet. You win. I will seek out the Thrizzle.

  • Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight #200
  • JLA #125
  • JSA #82
  • Supergirl #4
  • Superman #226
  • Teen Titans #32
  • Battle Hymn: Farewell To The First Golden Age TP
  • Incredible Hulk #92
  • Ultimate Extinction #2
  • Young Avengers #10
  • Midnight Kiss #3
  • Action Philosophers: World Domination Handbook
  • Nana Vol 2 TP
  • Tales Designed To Thrizzle #2

*Of course there's no contract. Don't be silly, sillyhead.


Bones said...

Definately do your best to pick up the Battle Hymn trade, it was an excellent series.

zilla said...

i grabbed the battle hymn TP and loved it... it's a bit quicker of a read than i would have liked but def solid. first battle hymn i've read (there ARE other BH minis right?)

Bones said...

This is the first (at least as far as Iknow) but I do hope there will be more.

Ryan Stegman said...

Hey man...

Ryan Stegman here. I actually read your review of my art in issue one of Midnight Kiss and I was SO pissed off. Just kidding, you were dead on. I was sort of "baptised by fire" so to speak with that issue...It was my first pro work and I really hadn't done much of any comic work in my life up to that point. I was in WAYYYYYY over my head. I'm glad that you think I'm progressing though, I hope to continue to do so. The art in issue four is far and away my favorite so far, so check out my DeviantArt site to see some of that. It's http://ryanstegman.deviantart.com.

So yeah, glad you're reading and enjoying!


Mark Fossen said...

Ryan .... I really am sorry about that. Has I known it was some of your first comic work ... well, yeah. That opening sequence was one hell of a baptism, then. Tony made you earn your keep on those. :)

My shop is hunting down #3 for me. Tony sent me the link to view it online ... but I'm kind of a dinosaur that way. I can't enjoy stuff online. I'm looking forward to more of the series, and seeing your art develop. Even over the first two, I's "seeing" the panel-to-panel storytelling clearer.

Ryan Stegman said...

If you can't hunt down any copies of issue three let me know...I have lots of extra comps. I can send ya one. And check out my DeviantArt site (http://ryanstegman.deviantart.com) to see some of the previews of issue four.

And I don't mind that you were harsh in your first review, it was all true! The first page that I drew of issue one that got me the job was page five...My head almost exploded when I was trying to figure out how to do it. The hardest part for me was the staging of the whole thing. Tony's come around a bit too in his writing. Initially I don't know that he was realizing just how much he was asking for on each page, so we've sort of found a middle ground now where I am staging better and he is giving me a bit more room to breathe on pages, which is nice!

If you need that issue three though, contact me via email at stegmanr (at) gmail (dot) com