Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Focused Linkblogging

  • Matt Fraction posted the cover art from Five Fists Of Science, now on its way from Image Comics in May.

    I will humbly submit that May also contains my birthday. I will also humbly submit that Image Comics is based in Berkeley, CA ... and that I played Samuel Clemens in Berkeley many moons ago. Since two of those five fists appear to belong to Mr. Clemens himself, I believe the term "cosmic synergy" applies in some form or other.

  • Not that I needed the validation ... but I agree - gamers make good dads.

  • Marc Singer takes an occasional break from Morisonarama, and plunges into other comics. Sometimes, he even likes them.

  • Happy Birthday, Bryan Lee O'Malley!

  • "Freedom 3 to go after Osama bin Laden in May" - Capitalizing on the buzz surrounding Frank Miller's Holy Terror is a great idea. However, riding Miller's coattails with a press release that describes a cover without including that cover is not so good an idea. Riding Miller's coattails with a press release that points to a nonfunctioning website is also not a great play.

  • And we'll end with a question: Does anyone mind that I've been introducing gaming content?


joncormier said...

Nope game content is fine by me. I also like how you've got the reading and listening sections to the right. I too have read the Jasper Fforde books and bought the Sufjan Stevens album.

Mark Fossen said...

I really ned to update that list. I'm on the last Thursday Next right now ... they're very addictive.

You "bought" Illinoise? Did you "like" it? :)

joncormier said...

Yes, I actually bought a compact disk. I got it for my girlfriend's birthday and she says it's really good. I listened to a couple of songs but she's kept it at her office.

I finished the Thursday Next books a while back. The last one is much better than the third I found. I didn't enjoy the third book all that much.

Shane Bailey said...

I'm actually really enjoyign the game content. I don't get to buy too many games lately, but love hearing about them. Sorry I haven't been commenting as much lately. Had some cool developments on the social life front. :)