Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Focused Linkblogging

Welcome to the "Comics 'n' Gaming" Edition:

  • My favorite webcomic, Penny Arcade, is spending the day in a comic book mood, as they discuss the upcoming massively multiplayer game coming from DC and Sony Online. Here's the comic. Here's the news.

  • There's some kinda-sorta-not-really footage of the game that EA's releasing based on the upcoming Superman Returns movie floating around. Why the qualifications? Because, regardless of what EA might have you believe, this is not the game itself. This is prerendered footage, the same trick they pulled with their Madden release on the Xbox 360. It represents their aim, their target ... but you can expect they'll miss.


Lyle said...

IIRC, EA got into trouble with the law in the UK for including cinemas in their ads in ways that looked like they were supposed to represent actual gameplay. Sigh, I remember when that square-circle-triangle logo meant something good...

Mark Fossen said...

Actually, that was Activision. It was related to commercials for Call Of Duty 2. It's a real trend, though. EA's Madden commercials were complete prerenders.