Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This Week's Releases: March 22, 2006

Dueling Ducats, Batman! There's a lot that looks good this week, in the midst of some major videogame buying I'm doing. Hello, eBay. Some on my list will have to get cut between now and my trip to 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics. I'll be making the trip on Thursday in order to combine that trip into SLC with an audition, so maybe some early WeboComicsBlogoNet reaction will help me trim the list.

I reviewed Hope Larson's beautastic* Gray Horses last week, but still have my preorder waiting at the shop. Since my copy is currently on loan to my mother-in-law (more on that when I get her impressions), I'm glad to have the extra copy. I'll probably think of something to do with it, some contest. Or I may simply donate it to my local library ... I think Gray Horses would do Eagle Mountain, Utah some good.

There's a lot of One Year Later action I want to sample: Hawkgirl, Catwoman, Robin, and Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes all look like good jumping-on points to series I might not otherwise try. James Robinson's great Batman OYL takes its next step, and I'm interested to see OYL from the point of view of an immortal Vandal Savage in JSA Classified.

It's an unexpectedly strong week of Marvel books for me, with the only "iffy" title being the Squadron Supreme relaunch in the Marvel Knights line. I'm tempted, but the I remember reading the Supreme Power hardcover collection and finding that in 12 issues, the story hadn't even begun. Unless there's a sudden storytelling compression that's happened, I just don't need to drop that kind of money on fractional stories.

  • Gray Horses
  • American Way #2
  • Batman #651
  • Catwoman #53
  • Hawkgirl #50
  • JSA Classified #10
  • Robin #148
  • Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy #3
  • Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes #16
  • Amazing Spider-Man #530
  • Captain America #16
  • Incredible Hulk #93
  • Iron Man: The Inevitable #4
  • New Avengers #17
  • Nextwave: Agents Of H.A.T.E. #3
  • Squadron Supreme #1
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #28
  • X-Factor #5
  • Kingdom Hearts Vol 3 GN
  • Supermarket #2

Yes, a book so good, I'm creating a new words with which to honor it.

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