Thursday, March 30, 2006

Focused Linkblogging

WOOOO!!!!! Happy Blogoversary, Dave! WOOOO!!!!!

  • Dave's Long Box is a year old, and the world is a better place for it. Now, when I read something like the beginning of the Legion of Super-Heroes: Teenage Revolution TPB, I have words to describe it, a critical language, a structure of meaning: "F*@% YEAH FILE"

  • As if a 25 page preview of AiT's upcoming Continuity wasn't enough, Mr. Larry Young has now officially lost his nut and released the whole skippin' thing as a PDF:

    It's my feeling that making a whole graphic novel available online at order time will only help orders in aggregate. Yes, there's always the risk that doing that will make some retailers NOT order the thing, but it's my FEELING that the orders you get by being so bold will offset the ones you don't. But there's no real way to test whether or not pre-releasing the book online to retailers has any effect one way or the other without actually doing it, and no one's that crazy.

    Oh, right; except me.

    Frankly, I can't stand reading comics on a computer monitor. I like honest-to-gosh dead trees in my hand. I got completely caught up in the PDF, though. The full work is a lot more complex and emotional than the 25-page preview that was originally released. It initially seemed a little post-collapse action flick, but it's a bit more Lathe Of Heaven than Transmetropolitan. Good stuff, and Larry's madness of releasing the full version definitely put the book on my radar.

  • In a thrilling flirt with being an insider, I got a sneak peek at the first issue of Punks this week. Here's what I wrote to Joshua Hale Fialkov by way of comment:

    Punks is the kind of thing you find when you wake up passed out on a friends couch with a splitting hangover. It's crumpled under your head, and as you come to consciousness, you read Punks and say : "Dude. What the FUCK is this?? Where are the rest?" .... And then you spend the rest of the day calling your buddy "Noisy McNoise-Noisenstein", and quoting lines from the book.

    It's a mad punk Young Ones, and I loved every panel. There's nothing on the stands like it, and I'll be very interested to see how the project fares. This book will become a passion for a certain audience ... I just don't know that audience will find their way into the Direct Market. Joshua has a plan, though ... the first ingredient being a kickass book. He's got that part more than taken care of.


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Lyle said...

It initially seemed a little post-collapse action flick, but it's a bit more Lathe Of Heaven than Transmetropolitan.

Well, that's one turn of a phrase to get my interest... :D Maybe I will check this one out.