Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This Week's Releases: March 15, 2006

I just finished performing Julius Caesar, and here comes the Ides of March. Not much to beware this New Comic Wednesday, unless you feel like massive crossovers are stabbing the industry in the back: "Et tu, Marvel?"

Here's the thing for me this week: I need to cut a book from this list. When I hit 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics last week, they did not have Sky Ape: King Of Girls. Mike showed me where the old issues Sky Apes shelved so I could get a taste of the series, and we happened to stumble upon copies of the first two issues of Skyscrapers Of The Midwest. Since Pimpmaster Supreme James Sime has gotten me excited about the book, I really want to pick up those first issues. There's the budget to consider, however: what do I bump from my list this week to pick up Skyscrapers?

Obviously, some items are sacrosanct: Paul Pope's Batman: Year One Hundred, Gail Simone's delightful JLA Classified, Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer, Busiek and Johns on Superman, Infinite Crisis Secret Files because I'm a sucker like that, and both Conan and Ultimate Extinction.

That said, here are the iffy items that could/should/might make way for Skyscrapers:

  • Green Arrow has one of the more intriguing One Year Later setups, and I have always enjoyed Scott McDaniel's art. But - can I really add another monthly to the stack? Nightwing is pretty much the same issue. I'm intrigued ... just not sure if I'm intrigued enough.

  • Superman/Shazam: First Thunder is the last of a four-issue miniseries. Can I really drop a series when I have 3 of 4 issues? Sure I can, when lateness has sapped my interest completely. My life would be utterly complete not knowing how it ends. Probably the title I'm most willing to skip, but I think it's on my pull list.

  • The Teen Titans Annual is another title that I'll end up buying because it's on my pull list. Though I generally enjoy annuals, the romance of Wonder Girl and Superboy just doesn't interest me.

  • Conan: Book Of Thoth is the likely victim of the Skyscrapers axe. I enjoy Busiek's Conan immensely, but I'm feeling I can tradewait this one.

  • Batman: Year One Hundred #2
  • Green Arrow #60
  • Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006
  • JLA Classified #18
  • Nightwing #118
  • Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #4
  • Superman #650
  • Superman/Shazam: First Thunder #4
  • Teen Titans Annual #1
  • Ultimate Extinction #3
  • Conan #26
  • Conan: Book Of Thoth #1



Jason said...

Honestly, I'd bump anything on your list for Skyscrapers except (MAYBE) Year 100. Not because any of those books are bad but because Skyscrapers is so friggin good.

Mark Fossen said...

I know you're right.

I do get hooked on the immediacy of New Comics Day ... I want them when they're out, and buying an older book is a stretch.

Or I could just skip my customary Mocha on the way in. :)

Comics may be expensive, but they sure are a better value than foofy caffeinated drinks!

Sean Maher said...

Conan: Book Of Thoth is the likely victim of the Skyscrapers axe. I enjoy Busiek's Conan immensely, but I'm feeling I can tradewait this one.

Plus, it's five bucks, which nicely balances the five dollar cover price of the Skyscrapers comics.

Also, it kicks ass, as Jason pointed out.

Sean Maher said...

Wow. That was poor grammar. Me aul schoolmarm must be rolling over in her grave.

Kevin said...

I thought the Infinite Crisis Secret Files and the Superman OYL issues were great. It was good seeing what was going on in Alex's "Heaven," and I can't wait to see how Infinite Crisis turns out see how Superman's OYL came to pass.

Shane Bailey said...

I bought It's Superman by Tom De Haven this week instead of comics. I don't regret it at all. Most of the comics you mentioned are waiting at the store for me anyway.

Mark Fossen said...

Shane, that's a heck of a good book. Probably a good choice, though there were some goodies this week.