Friday, March 24, 2006

The Son Of Focused Linkblogging

I'm suddenly so far behind on linkblogging, you're getting a second helping today. Otherwise, I'd miss David's deadline, and I wouldn't want that.

  • David Welsh is giving away a copy of Gray Horses. You have a few hours left to enter. The man is offering you free joy, take him up on it!

  • What a wonderful review of Gray Horses. This is why Chris writes for the Village Voice, and I write for ... well, here.

  • Things I'm sold on? Be they games or movies or comics? I don't like seeing previews. I'd rather not have half the experience gone by the time I actually get the book. I've been sold on Five Fists Of Science for a long time. I'm resisting, daily, the urge to go check out the preview that Matt Fraction has made available. I'm only getting 110-odd pages of Steampunky goodness, I want it all to be fresh. You, however, are under no such code of behavior. Read, enjoy, then buy Five Fists Of Science.



David Welsh said...

Thanks for the link, Mark!

Chris Tamarri said...

What David said.

And thanks also for the praise, Mark.