Monday, March 06, 2006

Focused Linkblogging

  • Johanna has a lovely review of Nana, a manga I've been meaning to write about. I love the characters, and Yazawa's control of the pace of the page is astounding.

  • Chris Butcher weighs in with his take on the Speakeasy situation, and it's well worth a read. The licensed properties he mentions could have really been something to see, and could have been one of those mythic "expand the audience" properties that are comics' current Holy Grail.

  • Witty parodies are nothing new on the WeboComicsBlogoNet, but this one from Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge is particularly delightful.

    And by "delightful", I mean filled with blood and Hostess.

  • I've seen some impressive screenshots for the upcoming Xbox 360 games based on Top Cow's The Darkness, and the development company has a good track record. There are the people that made a stunning game out of The Chronicles Of Riddick. Well ... the game has found a publisher, and a good one at that.

  • In the vein of the excellent X-Men Legends, Activision is developing Marvel Legends. The link mentions that the games so far have been based on the Ultimate Universe, but that's not quite the case: the X-Men games were a skillful blend of movies, Ultimate, and mainstream versions of the characters. An Avengers/Ultimates beat-em up could be quite a lot of fun.


Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I'm a big Riddick fan! Loved the videogame, and was really disappointed when the movie bombed. I'd love to see someone revive it in comic book form, though. Please? :-)

As for the HBO properties Speakeasy was shooting for, I have trouble seeing them expanding the comics audience in any significant manner, certainly not to the degree necessary that they'd have saved Speakeasy from going under. It's not like IDW's Angel, Spike and CSI comics are burning up the sales charts, all properties which have significantly larger viewing audiences than any of HBO's programming. Of course, IDW is an example of steady growth, succesfully carving a niche for themselves, developing a specific identity, before expanding willy nilly, so it's kind of comparing apples to rotten oranges, I guess.

Mark Fossen said...

The Riddick game was quite good, so I'm hoping The Darkness follows suit as a game that transcends its source material.


Re: The HBO Properties. That's why I used the word "mythic", innit?

Shane Bailey said...

I love Riddick, but am I the only one on Earth that can't stand the X-men Legends games?

Mark Fossen said...

I'm sure someone else hated them, Shane. It wasn't me, though. :)

I liked the first Legends game. The second didn't do much for me, but I think it was partially gaming burnout at that point for me.

Chris said... X-Men: Legends...

I may pass out from the endorphin release. I will pay good money RIGHT NOW for that.