Friday, June 16, 2006

T.G.I.F.: June 16, 2006

[Note: This post contains spoilers for Checkmate #3.]

This week's happy-making comes from a shocking last page reveal.

No - not that one.

The final page of Checkmate #3 put a huge smile on my face, which is .... unexpected ... coming from this grim-n-gritty espionage book.


Because this is why I read the Big Two - at least partially. This is what they can offer that other publishers can't: a shared universe. I love that feeling, that click in the brain when unexpected bits lock together in mainstream comics. I love reading the introduction of The Great Ten in 52, then heading over to another book coming out the very same week using them as a surprise ending. Yeah, sure - it's editor-driven, event-driven comics. But when done well - like this - it's deeply appealing to me.

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Greg said...

Oh, is that what that thing is? I wondered. Sigh. I'm not reading 52, so I sure hope Rucka explains it all to us idiots!