Monday, June 05, 2006

Reacting To Wizard World: Philadelphia

  • Manhunter gets saved.
    Maybe I'm not quite the kiss of death I thought, as Manhunter gets a reprieve. It's great news, and writer Marc Andreyko is capitalizing on the news to do a money back offer.

    You've never tried it? Why should you try it? Well, where do I start? How 'bout this: it's a damn fun book that I am proud to be a part of - hence, my long-standing money-back guarantee: "buy an issue of Manhunter and hate it? Send it to me and get your $2.99 back!

    So why not try it? I'm talking to you, Jon.

    Though between this and Spider-Girl, I'm already wary of a new trend of "cancellation notices as marketing". I guess it's cheaper than a Wizard article ad, though.

  • Batman Confidential and Superman Confidential.
    These titles have been rumored a while, but the creative teams announced this weekend are pretty exciting. Andy Diggle's take on Batman should be great, and Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale on Superman? That sounds almost too good for a little monthly. I'm sure the talent level will degenerate eventually, but this sounds cool.

  • Marvel once again promises "Death To Teh Intarwub!!!"
    Forget the pending threat of the two-tier Internet, it's Marvel that promises impending doom for the Information SuperHighway. It's a summer tradition! Last year they threatened to "crack the Internet right in half", and this year they have a new method of destruction.

    Touching upon a topic from a previous panel, Brevoort said that with the last pages of Civil War #2 'your jaw will be on the floor, and the internet will be aflame.'


  • Absolute Sandman details announced.
    $99 per book is certainly steep, but 20 issues in each sounds nice. A four-volume Sandman is going to be an awfully nice bookshelf addition. The example of the re-coloring is really fantastic, and adds more value. I'll definitely be bargain-shopping these, though.

  • Lee/Morrison Wildcats still coming.
    It still sounds great, almost a year later. I have a hard time believing Lee can do this and All-Star Batman while hitting anything close to deadlines, however.

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