Monday, June 05, 2006

I Feel So Dirty ...

So, Mike mentions this past week that Mouse Guard is being bought by speculators. I smile and laugh, and go about my day.

Then, I happen to look at my stat tracker and find someone hitting my site based off the search phrase "'mouse guard' AND 'in stock'". Is it really that rare? I head to eBay to look and see.

I see that first printings of the first issue are selling for $50 and above.

See, I've been buying two sets of Mouse Guard all along. One for me, and one for the girls to read and rip. I realize I could sell those three Mouse Guards I have that are still nice, keep reading the family copies, and buy myself the complete freaking run of Ellis' Stormwatch/Authority in trade paperback. Or Absolute Sandman. Or something equally lovely.

So I put them up on eBay, with an exorbitant Buy It Now, just to see what would happen.

Apparently, the Buy It Now wasn't exorbitant enough, as the set sold within a few hours.

I have mixed feelings: I don't like encouraging the speculator mentality ... but if someone wants to drop that much on a comic because they specifically want a first print, I'm happy to oblige. It'll read as well in the girls' ripped first printings, or in a third print, or in the eventual trade paperback.

I don't understand the mania for first printings. Does that make me a bad man for profiting off it?



Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...



Double wow!

Mark Fossen said...

Yep. That's one that influenced my decision.

Mikester said...

Hey, don't sweat it...when first printings of Hate, Eightball, and Milk 'n' Cheese were red-hot, I sold off my copies, replaced them with 2nd printings, and used the extra money for more comics. Nothing wrong with that!

Jason said...

I wouldn't worry about it. When USM was hot I unloaded 1-10 and bought a new suit. I didn't even replace them with new comics.

zilla said...

triple wow says me. i've been wanting to read mouse guard since you first introduced me to it but haven't gotten around to tracking down a copy of #1... can i get a second printing somewhere for cover?

Mark Fossen said...

yeah, Zilla. There are difinitely 2nd or 3rd printings around.

I expect they'll keep printing them as long as people keep buying 'em.