Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Focused Linkblogging

Book Cover

  • After reading this ENGINE mention of a new edition of the Complete Little Nemo In Slumberland, I bought one myself. It just arrived, and is a gorgeous edition at an insanely affordable price. I highly recommend it.

  • Happy Blogoversary to Tom The Dog! I'd love to see more comics content from him, but I he's quick becoming my touchstone for pop culture at large.

  • Again with the "love to see more comics content" theme, there are also anniversaries at play over at the Brill Building. Ian turns 2, and his blog turns 23 .... or vice versa. Congratulations on both, whippersnapper.

  • The excellent Northwest Passage gets some welcome press time with a 13-page Newsarama preview. It makes August 23 seem very far away ...

  • At Resplendent Beard:

    I'm bored with superhero comics again--they're not even trainwrecks anymore, just annoying fender benders that back up the Interstate when you're running late for work. There's no sport in making fun of them, and no joy in reading them. So I'm not going to bother. I've already tossed most of the books I've bought in the last year, except for the uncollected bits of Baker's Plastic Man (there WILL be a volume 3, won't there?) and a few random issues of JLU and Jonah Hex. I'm done with them. I don't care. I tried, and it didn't work out. So it goes.

    But instead of giving up the scene and walking away forever, A. H. announced the debut of her new webcomic Goodbye Chains. Read it.

    (I would just mention, though ... once you're publishing and trying to make a name for yourself, the time for shyness is past.)



A. H. said...

Not shy, just haven't had a chance or the inspiration to write up bios yet :D. That's placeholder text until I figure out what's going on there. (I was thinking about making up blurbs from people I know or people who have died.)

Out of curiosity, I don't suppose you do webcomic reviews, do you? You're a thoughtful and fair reviewer, and I certainly would like to hear what you have to say. Obviously there's not enough material there for it now, but perhaps when there are 22 pages up? Feel free to say no--figured I'd give it a shot anyway.

Mark Fossen said...

I just found myself trying to write the sentence "A. H. announced the debut of her new webcomic" ... couldn't remember your name, didn't want to call you heykidscomix.

(Of course, using the powers of THE ENGINE I now know the secret. :))


I certainly would review a webcomic, I don't see why not. I just don't read that many ... and by "many", I mean I read Penny Arcade and that's it. I'll definitely follow Goodbye Chains, because I've really come to love your writing voice. As soon as I have something interesting to say, I'll do so. :)

A. H. said...

Aw, thanks :). I shall endeavor to stay entertaining, then.

tomthedog said...

Thank you, Mark! I know I've slacked off a lot on comics commentary since the beginning of the blog, but I like to think that, as rare as it may be, when I really get into a comic, like Castle Waiting or Schizo or The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, I have the abiliy to really sell a reader of my blog on the excellence of said comics. I'm glad all the other goofy stuff I talk about keeps you coming back for more!