Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This Week's Releases: June 14, 2006

I'm hoping to get down to 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics nice and early this Wednesday, the better to avoid Civil War spoilers. I understand a big development got accidentally leaked last week, but I've not heard it yet. As we all know, the WeboComicsBlogoNet doesn't talk Marvel, and the only comics messageboard I frequent is Millarworld, where they tend to be really good about spoiler stuff. So I have no idea what's happening, and look forward to being freaked out.

Strangely, the book I'm most looking forward to seeing this week is Thunderbolts. It was one of my favorite series when I was last reading comics, and I remember that first shocking issue like it was yesterday. I was sort of surprised to see it still running when I returned to comics, and I've been considering picking it up but wanted a good jumping-on point. Civil War seems to provide that point, and Jim Roeg's praise of the latest issue sealed the deal. It should be fun to check in on these characters after a long time away, see what they're up to.

52 looks like it should be a fun week - literally. That's the best looking cover for the series so far, isn't it? And it looks like we're getting The Great Ten this week, which I greet with open Morrison-loving arms. Ursa Minors also drops this week, and I am sold on the high concept: "It's Seinfeld, but with Bear Suits. And ninjas. And cussing." Dan Slott can be hit-or-miss for me, but I have high hopes for Marvel Westerns: The Two-Gun Kid.

I continue to buy various books while "making up my mind", and relay need to make a decision. American Virgin, Checkmate, and Firestorm: The Nuclear Man are three such titles that are hovering on the edge of my pull-list and need a strong issue before being pushed off that selfsame edge.

  • 52 #6
  • American Virgin #4
  • Checkmate #3
  • Crisis Aftermath: The Battle For Bludhaven #5
  • Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #26
  • JLA Classified #22
  • Superman #653
  • Supermarket #3
  • Fear Agent #5
  • Civil War #2
  • Marvel Westerns: The Two-Gun Kid
  • Thunderbolts #103
  • Ursa Minors #1



Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I've been enjoying the [New]Thunderbolts since I picked up the first TPB of the newest volume a little while back. Nicieza does a nice job of balancing consequential action with solid character development, making for a much better team book than Bendis' New Avengers.

Ironically, the Civil War spoiler is in this week's issue of Thunderbolts -- which was sent to retailers last week in their First Looks package, aka "the accidental leak" -- so be sure to read Civil War #2 first if you don't want to spoil it.

As for the edge of the pull list, I'd say give Firestorm another couple of issues before making a decision. I started following it with OYL and have liked it so far.

Mark Fossen said...

You're fast, Guy. :)

I started Firestorm a few issues pre-OYL, and enjoyed the heck out of it. It seems to have lost steam (for me) with the OYL stuff ... but perhaps something will kick in this week.

Mark "Puff" Anderson said...

Iron Man shaking hands with Baron Zemo makes the fanboy in me want to regurgitate.

Mark "Puff" Anderson

Mark Fossen said...

I guess I was a bit confused, as I haven't followed the series for years.

Wasn't the original T-Bolt leader - Swordsman(?) - a disguised Zemo trying to make good? I assumed this was a Zemo who has been doing good for awhile.

I sould probably hit Wikipedia, shouldn't I?