Monday, June 12, 2006

Focused Linkblogging

Monday, when I work my way though all the items I've marked in my Bloglines account as stuff I want to mention ....

  • I am much overdue in mentioning the great Comic Book Resources writeup of Jason Rodriguez' upcoming Postcards anthology. It's going to be a battle for Jason publicity-wise. He's really reaching outside the Direct Market Fanboy with a book about antique postcards ... but if the dice come up right, he'll hit it big and attract audiences from in and out of comics fandom. The Direct Market will be interested in this based off the amazing talent he's assembled, and props to CBR for getting the word out, even if antique postcards falls outside their normal jurisdiction.

  • Comic Book Commentary has moved, and what would a blog celebration be without a giveaway contest?

  • Happy One Year Blogoversary to Jim Roeg! Hard to believe it's been a year since what I've come to think of as 'The Class Of June '06" all started up at about the same time: Jim, myself, Zilla, Kurt ... am I forgetting someone? According to the Official Blogger timeline, shouldn't we all start bitching about how Comic Blogging's turned to shite, and the Golden Age Of The WeboComicsBlogoNet is over?

    (I'm also glad I finally got a chance to see X-Men 3 this weekend, as I can finally read Jim's essay entitled "Deconstructing Brett Ratner's X3 (2006): How to Fuck It All Up and Betray Your Principles Without Really Trying".)

  • Is the blogosphere lopsided? Scipio's prompted a pretty interesting discussion on the DC-centric nature of the blogosphere, and the comments section has advanced some interesting theories, including my suggestion that Marvel discussion seems to center around messageboards. I'm not even sure I fall on a DC/Marvel spectrum at all, at least in terms of posts here at Focused Totality.

  • Not A Linkblog, But Not A Post Of It's Own: Yesterday, I'm at a family gathering. My sister-in-law, who is as far removed form the comics scene as one could get, asks: "So what's this I heard about Batwoman?"

    .... That's marketing.

    Of course, I don't know what good it all does. If she wanted it, she'd need to find a comic shop and then wait six weeks for the issue to hit. Could've timed that better, DC.


Jason said...

Well – it’s not about antique postcards, it’s about life. Antique postcards just serve as the catalyst. Thanks for the plug.

Mark Fossen said...

You're completely right - postcards is just a hook.

However, the direct market might be more receptive to a book about colleting rare pieces of ephemera than it is to life and emotions. :)

Jim Roeg said...

Thanks, Mark - right backatcha! And about the "Class of June '06" - shouldn't we get T-Shirts made up or something? :)

Jason said...

"However, the direct market might be more receptive to a book about colleting rare pieces of ephemera than it is to life and emotions. :) "

That should be put on a t-shirt.

Jason said...

Oh, and the Batwoman thing - my friend from work, who's a lesbian, called me on my office phone to talk about Batwoman. She claims her and all her friends reserved a copy.

Sounds great. I asked her if she was going to get the second issue, however, and she said "probably not" but she may if the "first one's any good."

I then explained why you really need to commit to three issues of a monthly or wait for the trade the way the DM is set up because the shop owner will likely not over order the second issue.

I guess what I'm getting at is, we're in for another Death of Superman but with about ten times fewer copies being sold. It's all novelty. It'll sell enough to carry the title to trade, though, and who knows after that?

But I will also say my coworker and her friends are expecting leather costumes, whips and erotica so I hope DC at least throws a little Bump & Grind in there or you won't see many follow-on orders.

Mark Fossen said...

I'm guessing that your friend (and everyone else) will end up disappointed. Since she's debuting in 52 ... there ain't much time for anything. It'll be a page or two, then on to the next plot point.

zilla said...

Jim - we DEF need t-shirts ;) Happy b-day BTW.