Friday, August 19, 2005

Blogaround Challenge

I accept your challenge, Laura "Tegan" Gjovaag of Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog fame. I pick up your thrown gauntlet and stride to the field of battle. Like the titans of ye olde times, I will wield my mighty Firefox and wrestle mightily with the blogosphere ...

OK. Maybe that metaphor fell apart quicker than anticipated. I feel like I already have most of the comic blogs in existence in my blogroll, but let's see what I can find and present in no order whatsoever.

  • Love Manga
    I've heard of Love Manga before, but now that I'm slowly getting into manga, I'll be reading with interest. It's chock-full of information on the industry, books and creators is a scene that's all new to me. I also like the fact that, judging from the blogroll, it considers itself part of the WeboComicBlogoNet. I really don't "get" the manga/mainstream disconnect and am always glad to see people who agree with me.

  • Collected Editions
    Very cool. The blog of a self-described "wait-for-trade-er", this has lots of info and opinions on trade paperbacks. I've missed a lot in these past few years away from comics, and the availability of all these collections is both helpful and dizzying. Looks like I have a cool new blog to help me wade through it all.

  • Tom the Dog's You Know What I Like?
    A member of the famed "Associated Comics and Pop Culture Webloggers of Ventura County CA and Outlying Environs" that I'm not reading? How'd I miss this? And he's knuckled under the increasing blogosphere pressure to admit the greatness of Scott Pilgrim? Even better!

    One of the biggest and best comics blogs on the WeboComicBlogoNet, and I don't read it. Chris Butcher's got a pull-quote on the back of the copy of Uzumaki that I read last night, and I don't read his blog. Am I a superhero inbred who can't stand his great takes on indy books? Or am I addicted to Bloglines, and find myself forgetting to check anything that doesn't have an RSS feed? However, thanks to this little meme, I find Chris now has a livejournal feed. Cool.

    SOCKA-MAGEE! I've pimped Robby before. I've hardcoded a link to the blog in the sidebar. It's always a fun read, and has the best production values on the WeboComicBlogoNet. But I seldom remember to read it. Am I an indy inbred who can't stand four-color fun? Or am I addicted to Bloglines, and find myself forgetting to check anything that doesn't have an RSS feed? However, thanks to this little meme .... nope. Robby still doesn't ave an RSS feed, and my life is lessened for it. (I know ... I'm trying to hit new sites with this post, but I'm attempting to make a point here. OK?)

  • Freak Comics
    Great design, lots of content, and webcomics, too! How'd I never hear of this site before?

  • Scott Saavedra's Comic Book Heaven
    Not only do you get some industry insights here, but also some great looks at Golden and Silver Age oddities, like The Super Family From Krypton!. It's not too heavy on the snark, either. Saavedra seems to be of the mind that though they were incredibly strange, they were also fun.

  • Dark, But Shining
    A little of everything here, from porn in Gulliver's Travels to well-deserved rebellion against the Quill Awards. And any fans of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell are all right with me.

  • Lady, That's My Skull
    I'll show a little love here for this off-the-beaten-track blog, even though Sleestak "will always despise the State of Utah". No Previews comments, no weekly capsule reviews, just lots of posts about whatever strikes him that day. Fun reading that should help me through those unfortunate days when Dave's Long Box doesn't update.

  • The Word On The Street!
    Dr. Sordid's comic blog hits all the usual topics from weekly reviews to Previews talk, but what's fun here are some of tangents into various other geekery. He'll run from Dr. Who to Space Sentinels to Dallas with ease. And I really like that sidepanel with covers to his recent favorites. I hope I can find the moral fortitude to resist stealing it outright.

All these sites have been added to my blogroll, and now I'm looking forward to going back and reading them all in depth. Thanks for the great idea, Laura!


Shane Bailey said...

How do you do the little technorati categories at the bottom?

Mark Fossen said...

Do you use Firefox?

I use Firefox, and then added the Greasemonkey extension. There's a script available for technorati tags ... it rewrites the blogger interface to you just type them in, hit a putton, and it appends the tags. I just edited the script to reduce the font size.

If you are using IE .... stop. :)

Tag Script:

Shane Bailey said...

Well, I kinda use IE. It's called Avant Browser and it's a shell for IE. I tried Firefox and didn't like it as much.

Joe said...

You never heard of Freak Comics before because it's new-ish. Be sure to keep an eye on it... I've added a new writer and he's developing a weekly web comic strip.

collectededitions said...


Hey, thanks! Sorry I'm so slow catching up on this.