Friday, August 19, 2005

Fun With Branica Stats

In Yotsuba&! Feeling is the joy. Being pure, the simple joy. It flies that from the page, it is contagion characteristic completely. Yotsuba&! It is good it is shock of the trunk paralleling of your soul for the sake of.
--My post on Yotsuba&!, having been translated from English to Japanese and back again.

I've only been blogging a while, but there have been so many things about the experience that have been just plain fun. Today's a good example.

Sometimes I remember to check my stats information over at Branica. I checked in just now to find that I've had well over 100 visitors so far today ... on a site that usually averages about 20-30. Though I've never busted 100 before, I've seen spikes happen when a more popular blog (like Ian or Johanna, who rank just after bookmarks and the Comic Weblog-A-Tron 3000 in my referrers) mentions something I wrote. I assumed it must be coming from Laura's mention of my blog in her Blogaround.

Instead, it's a flood of people visiting the site through this post at what appears to be a Japanese manga blog. I think it's a favorable mention of my Yotsuba&! post from yesterday. Most are visiting through an Infoseek link which translates the post, and it's absurdly cool to imagine that I'm being translated into Japanese and read there. One of those "living in the future" moments, I suppose. Now I just want my flying car.

Babelfish mangles the post, but it goes a little something like this:

As for English however we are poor, the brim! It is the entry which conveys charm, you understood.

With such review, even in the foreign country the brim! The fan should have kept spreading, don't you think? is.

I will keep spreading.



Sebastian said...

My Japanese is rusty-to-inexistant, so I'm not 100% sure myself, but "Even though my English is poor, I understood that the charm of "Yotsuba&!" is conveyed in the whole (in all of the) entry. Due to such a review, the Yotsuba!-fans should keep increasing their numbers even overseas, don't you think?" is hopefully nearer to the actual meaning than Babelfish managed... ^^;

Mark Fossen said...

Thank you, sebastian. I appreciate the translation, as i'd need years of study to get to "rusty-to-inexistant Japanese". :)

Shane Bailey said...

100 a day is pretty good I usually go from there to about 200 a day or so. Sometimes I jump up to 300 or more depending on what I post or if I post. It's all in getting the word out and then giving them something to keep coming back. You're doing a bang up job at that. Now I just have to work on my own content or people are going to start leaving. :)